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Centric Product
18 April 2019

5 Ways PLM Empowers Retail Transformation & Brand Longevity

Discover five ways Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions drive retail transformation and…

9 April 2019

Cut Quality Control Headaches and Improve Product Quality with Centric Final Inspection Module

Centric Software PLM expert Christina Riccio introduces Centric’s Final Inspection module, which…

1 April 2019

Superdry-ving Global Growth with Centric PLM

Scott Robertson, Head of Central Merchandising at Superdry explains why, in today’s…

18 March 2019

Long-term PLM Relationships: Silver Jeans Co.™ Reflects on 9 Years with Centric

Silver Jeans Co.™ first implemented Centric PLM in 2010. Robyn McCarthy, Global…

13 March 2019

Build a Business Case for PLM: The Essential Steps

Get a realistic picture of your challenges, fully investigatie potential solutions and…

20 February 2019

8 ways Centric VIP’s latest game changing collaborative boards deliver results

Centric's new Digital Concept Board and Digital Buying Board for Centric VIP…

12 February 2019

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities: Volcom’s Journey to Centric PLM

Steve Chastain, Head of Global IT at Volcom, talks about challenges at…

4 February 2019

tentree and Centric PLM Plant the Seeds for Growth

What if a company’s goal is to plant one billion trees? How…

30 January 2019

3 Reasons Luxury Brands Are Choosing PLM

Read how luxury brands can balance consumers expectations, creativity and commerce and…

17 January 2019

Farm to Fashion: DZ Group streamlines operations and leads in sustainability with Centric SMB

Innovative technology is good for the planet and the bottom line! Discover…

20 December 2018

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Migrating Versus Replacing

Does it make more sense to upgrade your current PLM solution, or…

13 December 2018

Get More Bang For Your Buck: How PLM Boosts Productivity Using Your Existing Resources

Tim Rumer, Director of Product Lifecycle Management at Mizuno USA explains how…

15 November 2018

Meet Centric’s own PLM Pilot & Learn 3 Business Strategies to Take Your Business to New Heights

Meet Centric Software's very own Christophe Therrey, Director of EMEA Sales. Read…

5 November 2018

Barco Uniforms: 3 Tips for Selecting the Right PLM Partner

Centric goes behind the scenes with Don Mayer, VP of Manufacturing at…

29 October 2018

Customer Talks with AMARO: Brazilian Fashion Market Top 5 Challenges

We caught up with Brazilian fashion brand and Centric PLM customer AMARO…

26 October 2018

8 Signs Your Data Is Out of Control

The modern workplace is awash with digital and offline data, and the…

17 August 2018

Vista Outdoor’s PLM Adventure – What Next?

Rebecca Rohrer, Manager, Business Systems and PLM at Vista Outdoor, reflects on…

10 August 2018

7 Signs Your Manufacturing Business Needs a PLM

Nick Wei, APAC Regional Sales Director for Centric Software reveals the 7…

30 July 2018

PLM Goes Mobile: How Centric Apps Take PLM Out of the Office

Centric Software PLM experts Brian Kastner and Christina Riccio introduce Centric’s innovative…

25 July 2018

Creative Connection: How Adobe® Connect Gets Designers into PLM

James Ronaghan, Senior Business Consultant at Centric Software, explains how Centric PLM…

18 July 2018

How to Use Centric Merchandise Planning to Drive Revenue

Centric Software Business Consultant Alistair Kershaw explains how Centric PLM’s Merchandise Planning…

10 July 2018

Big or Small, PLM is For All: How PLM Transforms Brands of All Sizes

David Gardner, Business Consultant at Centric Software, answers the question: What is…

29 May 2018

5 PLM Questions for Your Lingerie Business

How Top Lingerie Brands Boost Their Cheeky Bottom Line The lingerie business…

17 May 2018

7 Reasons Fashion & Retail Brands Need PLM

7 real-world reasons why fashion and retail businesses of all sizes need…

11 May 2018

Top Tips for Successful PLM Implementation: By Ted Baker

Flis Leverton, Head of Production Systems at Ted Baker, discusses Ted Baker’s…

29 March 2018

5 Things Before You Say Yes To PLM

In this guest blog post by PLM experts and business consultants Dale…

16 February 2018

How childrenswear companies can boost efficiency with Centric PLM

Discover how companies such as Tape à l’Œil and Ackermans use Product…

8 February 2018

Mobile, Social, Collaborative: The Reality of Digital Transformation

Craig Crawford, IT strategist at Crawford IT, explores the reality behind the…

26 January 2018

Focus on Footwear: How Can You Kick Challenges to the Curb?

Dale Bathum, founder of STM Worx explores the disruptive challenges and interesting…

29 November 2017

Supporting sustainable fashion: how PLM can make a difference

Consumer demand for products that are sustainably and transparently produced is on…

24 November 2017

5 Reasons Lifestyle Brands Need Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Whether you’re a small, medium or major lifestyle brand, PLM can help…

14 November 2017

Cutting Through Chaos: Marc Jacobs’ PLM Journey

Founded on a love of fashion and commitment to quality, Marc Jacobs…

27 October 2017

A billion trees: talking sustainability with tentree

Described by CEO Derrick Emsley as “a tree-planting company first and an…

25 September 2017

Top 3 Reasons Why PLM Can Help You Drive Business Growth

Discover how Centric’s innovative PLM Solution helped Derek Lam improve their development…

25 August 2017

M2M: Personalization delivered by you

M2M is easier said than done.There is no way to manage M2M…

15 August 2017

Lessons in lingerie: meet the underwear brands with the secret to success

If your lingerie brand still relies on phone calls, emails and spreadsheets…

19 July 2017

New Platform Will Create Foundation for Future Growth in Bestseller

Bestseller, a proud Centric Software customer, opens up about their new cloud-based IT platform,…

30 June 2017

Centric Software Hits the Road: Introducing Centric VIP

Centric is hosting a series of seminars around the globe to unveil…

31 May 2017


You’ve heard about Product Lifecycle Management but are not really sure this…

22 May 2017

Why Centric PLM Improves Product Development: CamelBak Case Study

CamelBak was founded in 1989 and is a company with a rich…

15 May 2017

New Centric Software PLM V6

How has the new Centric Software PLM V6 Release changed the Centric…

21 April 2017

How to Build a Business Case for PLM

How to Build a Business Case for PLM You know it’s time…

5 April 2017

5 reasons PLM will get you off the crazy train

You’ve heard of PLM but aren’t sure what it’s all about. In…

5 April 2017

How Technology Helps Companies Get Ahead of The Game (Part 2)

Fast fashion is all about agility.  More than just having lightning-fast turnaround…

29 March 2017

How Technology Helps Companies Get Ahead of The Game (Part 1)

Across apparel, footwear, accessories and consumer packaged goods, companies are fighting over…

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