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Customer Talks: Gymshark on Remote Working & #HowTechHelps


Are your teams struggling to collaborate in real-time while working from home? Having difficulty ensuring one version of the truth due to multiple working documents being used simultaneously?

Fast-growing UK fitness apparel and accessories brand Gymshark faced these same challenges at the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

However, thanks to implementing Centric Software’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) 100% remotely during lockdown, the company was able to increase connectivity to facilitate seamless communication between teams, resulting in the business flourishing despite the tumultuous and fluctuating fashion landscape.

We spoke to Justine McCarthy, Development Director at Gymshark, and Annalisa Savio, Gymshark’s Head of Development and PLM Primary Superuser, about #HowTechHelps the sportswear giant to overcome marketplace challenges, and why PLM is a must for businesses looking to empower remote work and collaboration in the months ahead.

“We implemented the new PLM system 100% remotely, and if we enter into another lockdown, and need to work remotely again, our PLM will definitely facilitate the ease in which we share and communicate information,” says Justine. “Has it changed our way of working? Absolutely! And for the better,” adds Annalisa.

Founded in 2012 in a garage in Birmingham, UK, Gymshark is now a leading brand in the sportswear industry with offices in four different regions and over 500 employees. The company started its Global Analysis with Centric Software in January 2020, with the UK going into lockdown in March just as PLM workshops had commenced.

Gymshark UK HQ

This was no barrier for Gymshark though, as by partnering with Centric Software, Gymshark’s teams adapted to remote working with a more proactive approach, enabling the company to focus on value-added tasks such as developing, exploring, researching, and innovating – exactly what its dedicated community expects from the pioneering brand.

In the product function, there is design, development, product marketing, sourcing, merchandising, and materials. (Pre-COVID-19 restrictions) People from every function would stop me just to share their excitement that the PLM system was really going to revolutionize the way that they work. It was really exciting to see

shares Justine.

Gymshark’s winning strategy:

  • Starts Global Analysis for new Digital Transformation solution (PLM) in January 2020
  • Conducts training, testing and implementation of Centric PLM™ 100% remotely in just 4 months
  • Remote communication and sharing of product-related data becomes seamless, so human error is reduced
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs) completely re-mapped across departments to align with their digitally-native, remote workforce
  • Teams collaborate within the same platform, from anywhere in the world, thanks to all data being within one ‘single source of truth’
  • The business operates in a fully agile way – if something is missing or miscommunicated, it’s instantly flagged within PLM