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Supercharge Product Go-To-Market Success with Centric PLM™

Plan, design, develop, formulate, package, comply and sell products with a single, digital platform.

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Learn how cosmetics and personal care companies face market challenges with Centric PLM

Develop a 360° digital foundation for new product development (NPD) and product portfolio optimization.

Boost agility to meet accelerated marketplace pressures that mirror the pace of fashion while tracking critical product information. Centric PLM is proven to streamline NPD, product updates and refreshes, sourcing and supplier co-development, packaging and labeling as well as quality and regulatory compliance.

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Learn how cosmetics and personal care companies face market challenges with Centric PLM

Plan and execute complex private label and branded product portfolios across multiple categories, price points, geographies and channels to get an optimal mix of products to market at speed.

Boost supplier collaboration and co-development by centralizing supplier RFPs, responses and product specifications in one digital platform.

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Learn how cosmetics and personal care companies face market challenges with Centric PLM

Gain visibility and control with the ability to track and manage customer quotes, product specifications, quality and compliance requirements and timelines for all your customers with one innovative software solution.

Streamline formulated product development, superspeed innovation and remove inefficiencies to reduce mistakes and wasted time while lowering costs. Empower teams to boost private label customer co-development, collaboration and speed time to delivery.

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Accelerate end-to-end product lifecycle management with full control from ideation to retail

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    Develop formulated and non-formulated products faster for new, refreshed and repackaged products and optimize product portfolios.


    Stay closer to consumers by linking people, process and information via centralized, clean data for one actionable version of truth.


    Boost product development and supplier management efficiency to reduce Costs of Goods Sold (COGS) and optimize product margins.


    Gain complete visibility and transparency into the entire supply chain to meet quality and compliance standards.

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Cosmetics and personal care customers innovating with Centric PLM

Learn how KIKO Milano uses Centric PLM to drive product development with 100% visible, accurate data.

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“Centric PLM helps us develop our products from concept all the way through to products being available in our shops. We are working on our digital transformation, and Centric Software is a big part of it.”

Sourcing & Purchasing Manager,
KIKO Milano

How does Centric PLM work for cosmetics and personal care teams?

Optimize product go to market with one out-of-the-box, intuitive platform. Centric PLM is the central hub for all product-related data, connecting business systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Information Management (PIM), packaging and labeling software, compliance systems, color & ingredient databases and more.

  • Portfolio Management

    Powerful collection management tools to make decisions that optimize product portfolios and margins.

  • Product Development

    Accelerate new product, updates and refreshes with built-in brief templates, libraries and 3D design connectors. Boost collaboration with Social PLM and automated workflows.

  • Product Formulation

    Control development using product templates and stage/gate tracking with formulation and integrated risk assessments.

  • Sourcing and Supplier Collaboration

    Launch and manage requests of proposal (RFPs) en masse and streamline collaboration via the supplier portal.

  • Packaging and Artwork

    Share packaging specifications and create artwork briefs using auto-populated templates. Connect 3D packaging engineers directly to Centric PLM for a complete end-to-end 3D workflow.

  • Quality and Compliance

    Trace and track all things product related to ensure quality control and respect regulatory, branding and business compliance.

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See it in action! Discover how cosmetics and personal care companies innovate, collaborate and speed time to market with Centric PLM.