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Transforming Outdoor Hard Goods Product Development

High quality, technical performance products that enhance users’ ability to enjoy their activity in ultimate comfort and safety are at the heart of outdoor hard goods and gear brands and retailers.

Challenges to growth include managing complex supply chains, meeting rigorous compliance rules, ensuring sustainable production and reducing errors that affect product quality and drive up costs. The efficient handling of product development data from initial concept and planning to sourcing, manufacturing, quality control and retail is crucial.

Centric PLM’s flexibility makes it uniquely suitable to handle complex outdoor and sports gear that may consist of purely hard goods or combine hard and soft elements and multiple components and materials. Our digital solutions provide a foundation for rapid expansion, freeing outdoor gear companies to create and manage more of the innovative, high-quality and technically exceptional products that customers demand, at the product margins required to achieve strategic growth goals.

Share real-time data to boost efficiency

Everyone in the value chain shares real-time data in one, actionable place. Communicate quickly, reduce errors, encourage collaboration and save time.

Integrate existing processes and systems like ERP and PIM to deliver products from design concept through to manufacturing and distribution, faster.

Share information with multiple in-house and contract manufacturers through PLM. Partner with suppliers with sustainable, modern production methods.

Kickstart product development

Build libraries of metal, plastic and composite components, threads, materials, reflective panels, insulation, venting, zippers, snaps and more.

Quickly search, match and re-use materials and styles. Standardize BOMs to accurately evaluate product margins and shape well-rounded collections.

Easily vary core designs to build on bestselling products. Mizuno USA increased its SKU count by 10.2% in one division with Centric PLM.

Enhance quality control and ensure compliance

Develop global and local quality control measures, KPIs and inspection regimes. Ensure traceability and compliance with product regulations.

Use data from design and development teams to validate products in advance, assess feasibility of manufacturing new products and improve quality.

Engineering Change Management automatically identifies and mass updates affected products in response to recalls and quality or safety issues.

Manage complexity and speed time to market

Manage increasing numbers of complex, technical products with enhanced planning tools. Balance different product timelines with a birds-eye view.

Manage multiple, overlapping seasons across multiple brands. Smooth out seasonal peaks and troughs. Do more with the same resources.

Better visibility into costing, faster line planning and efficient product development frees R&D teams to do more value-added work.

Better visibility into costing, faster line planning and efficient product development frees R&D teams to do more value-added work.

Time saved in BOM creation can be focused on innovation. Product operations are easily repeatable and consistent.

Personalized dashboards and configurable reports give users top-down overviews and bottom-up details to make data-driven decisions.

Boost sustainability and customer loyalty

Implement, track and report on initiatives that have a positive impact. Set targets, monitor compliance, reduce waste and avoid unsold products.

Transform sampling and packaging with 3D design technology. Fewer physical samples reduces waste, saves money and minimizes shipping impacts.

Reinforce brand heritage and customer trust by assuring the quality and sustainability of materials with transparent sourcing and streamlined checks.

Solutions built by hard goods specialists

Centric PLM’s innovative solutions are developed in collaboration with customers, informed by best practices and expertise from hundreds of successful implementations. Our flexible platform is designed with real-world hard goods challenges in mind.

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Our Solutions

Discover what makes Centric Software® innovations so unique

  • Centric PLM

    Drive efficiencies in product development and launch with a highly configurable, modular, cloud-based PLM solution with built-in market-driven innovations and best practices for hard goods teams. Connect teams with a real-time actionable ‘single source of the truth’ for product-related data.

    Centric PLM
  • Centric 3D Connect

    Connect PLM with top 3D CAD solutions like SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge, AutoCAD and many more, enabling CAD designers and engineers to work seamlessly in their native environment. Ideate faster, push photo-realistic images to e-commerce and in-store, streamline sample reviews and reduce physical sampling.C

    Centric 3D Connect
  • Adobe® Illustrator PLM Connect

    Enable design and product development teams to access creative, technical and production details from PLM while working in Adobe® Illustrator. Creative teams sketch, access materials and colors and start building BOMs in a familiar design environment, freeing them to focus on creating amazing products.

  • Vendor Portal

    Transform product development by connecting suppliers directly with Centric PLM. Take advantage of their expertise and handle costs, schedules, samples, quality testing and documentation. Issue RFPs en masse and easily compare responses to select the best and most cost-effective sourcing solution.

  • Mobile Apps 

    Put the power of PLM in your pocket with 15 industry-specific mobile apps. From design inspiration to sample reviews, quality control, final product inspection, factory audits and retail storefront reviews, our apps capture and update information when and where you need it.

  • Quick Start and Agile Deployment

    Quick Start packages get lean versions of PLM up and running remotely in days not months to respond to market disruption, seamlessly connect teams and continue business-critical operations. Agile Deployment enables rapid implementation, easier data migrations and the fastest ROI in the industry.

    Quick Start and Agile Deployment
  • Enterprise Connectivity

    Leverage PLM data throughout your business to streamline end-to-end data management and collaboration. Centric PLM integrates easily with enterprise solutions such as ERP, e-commerce, PIM, DAM, compliance software, quality management software, 2D and 3D CAD design software and more.

  • Centric SMB

    Expand by doing more with the same resources with a cloud-based, user-driven SaaS PLM solution for emerging enterprises. No IT team needed. Streamline collaboration to grow assortments/SKUs, add modules and mobile apps to suit your needs and easily move to Centric PLM as your business evolves.

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Centric PLM Centric 3D Connect Quick Start and Agile Deployment

Discover more about how outdoor hard goods and gear companies achieve digital transformation with PLM

The cyclical nature of the snowmobiling gear market meant that Klim sought ways to improve efficiency and build platforms for growth from its early days. Klim’s growth into new motorcycling markets made the business less seasonal, but their amount and variety of products exploded.

As Acushnet grew and acquired more brands, its global supply chains and sourcing practices became more complex. Acushnet decided to invest in a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution that would provide up-to-date costing, tech packs and Bills of Materials (BOMs) in one centrally accessible place where global suppliers could also enter information, helping teams to save time, make more informed decisions and reduce costs.

Helsport is expanding into international markets and growing its range of products. The company was using simple PLM systems, but they weren’t complete and information was scattered across Dropbox files and different people’s emails. Helsport was concerned about information being lost if, for instance, someone who had been designing tents for years retired.

Line planning and product development were causing headaches at Mizuno USA. Product managers would work on their collections and then reveal them at the last moment, meaning there was little to no visibility of development. The company wanted to be able to know what was in the pipeline and set realistic launch timelines.

CamelBak’s obsession with innovation and quality manifests in a constant drive to improve performance and introduce new products. This adds a huge amount of complexity to CamelBak’s product creation cycles. The company was experiencing critical bottlenecks in its product design and development processes, which were being managed in disconnected spreadsheets.

Mystery Ranch is a growing business that sells to both professional and consumer markets, and customers are involved in challenging activities where lives can depend on the quality and durability of equipment. To make backpacks that meet their high standards, Mystery Ranch needed a PLM solution that could handle a wide variety of product information, effectively track supply chain data and balance different product timelines across the business.

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