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Boost Productivity with a Single Source of Truth

Creating iconic jewelry, watches and accessories is skilful work, requiring high levels of precision and accuracy. Attention to detail, material sourcing and quality control are critical to maintaining brand reputation and keeping consumers happy.

Jewelry brands will often offer ranges that stretch from ready-to-wear and custom jewelry to prestigious precious stone jewelry (joaillerie) to exquisitely crafted high jewelry (haute joaillerie). Finding a PLM and retail planning solution that is flexible enough to handle these different types of products, with all the complexity of varying timelines, costing scenarios and rules, workshop/supplier relationships and rare material sourcing is a real challenge.

Built on deep fashion industry expertise with the versatility to handle hard goods and a wide variety of materials, components and packaging, Centric PLM and Centric Retail Planning’s in-depth product description, retail and wholesale assortment planning, collection planning, financial forecasting, analytics, inventory optimization and costing capabilities drive efficient product development and launches. Jewelry and accessories brands can power up productivity with a real-time, accurate ‘single source of truth’, inspire new products, speed time to market and boost the bottom line.

Manage product and sourcing complexity to speed time to market

Standardize information and connect teams from studio and marketing to development, gemstones, sourcing and even external manufacturers and workshops.

Store product information and innovation ‘know-how’ in one user-friendly digital knowledge base for easier succession planning and quick onboarding.

Connect trusted suppliers with PLM to streamline communication. Eliminate data roadblocks and delays to successfully align product launch timelines.

Accurately forecast and control costs

Instantly generate detailed reports to analyze product margins. Align product planning with financial targets using augmented intelligence and deep actionable insights.

Estimate and track expensive material costs with ‘what-if’ financial tools and historical cost data. Leverage resource planning to reduce wastage.

Easily cost materials across multiple currencies to more accurately predict costs and speed the pace of product development.

Optimize financial, merchandise and in-season planning

Manage the complexity of planning, designing, manufacturing and retailing a variety of assortments across different segments, channels, regions and stores.

Launch products successfully and adjust in-season plans and inventory allocation with powerful integrated retail planning and costing tools. Streamline internal buying with interactive visual boards.

Auto-update product changes with engineering change management to reduce manual work and drive better, more strategic decisions.

Maintain high quality and compliance standards

Track and store crucial documentation such as stone and product certificates, compliance documents and more. Everything is linked to the product.

Make accurate and transparent sourcing information available to reassure consumers and maintain brand reputation.

Detailed quality control and auditing tools ensure compliance with regional regulations and internal quality, ethical and sustainability benchmarks.

Power creativity with the right tools

Design teams interact with PLM via Adobe® Connect and Centric 3D Connect. Using familiar design software keeps staff happy and boosts innovation.

3D prototyping and sampling reduces waste, saves money, speeds time to market and can be used to push photo-realistic images to ecommerce or instore.

Kickstart product development with templates, historical product data and PLM libraries. Dramatically improve data accuracy to free up creative power.

Make better decisions with live, actionable data

Embed the power of AI in retail and wholesale planning. Make better merchandising and planning decisions with personalized dashboards, machine learning and augmented intelligence.

Issue supplier requests en masse and easily compare responses like-for-like to select the optimal sourcing solution.

Configure PLM with flexible parameters, unique to your business. Measure products in grams of gold, carats of diamonds, hours of labor and more.

Our Solutions

Discover what makes Centric Software® innovations so unique

  • Centric PLM

    Drive efficiencies in product planning, development and launch with a flexible, modular, cloud-based PLM solution. Connect teams with a real-time actionable ‘single source of the truth’ for product-related data and take advantage of built-in jewelry industry best practices and innovations.

  • Enterprise Connectivity

    Easily integrate Centric PLM with other enterprise platforms like ERP, e-commerce, PIM, DAM, compliance software, quality management software, 2D and 3D CAD design software and more. Streamline workflows, seamlessly manage data exchange and leverage PLM data throughout the organization.

    End-to-End Connectivity
  • 3D PLM Connect

    Centric PLM integrates with many leading 3D CAD solutions like SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge and AutoCAD. Kickstart product development, reduce physical sampling, push photorealistic products to ecommerce and in-store and free CAD designers to innovate original products in a familiar software environment.

  • Retail Planning

    Six powerful modules orchestrate end-to-end go-to-market planning and product execution to improve sell-through, manage assortments and maximize product margins. Available as a standalone solution or integrated with PLM.

  • Adobe® Connect

    Give product designers the power to sketch and start building BOMs directly from Adobe® Illustrator with data on metals, components and more from PLM. Cut tedious data entry and admin tasks, liberating creative teams to focus on creating original and beautiful products that consumers love.

  • Centric PLM Mobile Apps

    Centric’s PLM-connected mobile apps enable teams to work anywhere. Snap inspiration and send it straight to theme boards in PLM with Capture It, use Final Inspection to maintain product quality and assess brand standards with Retail Review to ensure consistent customer experiences across stores.

  • Agile Deployment and Quick Start

    Centric’s unique Agile Deployment methodology gets customers up and running in months or even weeks to deliver the fastest ROI in the industry. Deploy remotely if needed, minimize the total cost of ownership and update easily. Get a lean version of PLM in just days with Quick Start packages.

    Quick Start and Agile Deployment
  • Centric Visual Boards

    Fully visual digital workspaces for collaboration and decision-making, connecting teams from anywhere. Includes Buying Boards to transform internal buying sessions and maximize retail value, Merchandising Board to optimize assortment planning and the Concept Board for evolving product concepts.

    Centric VIP Digital Boards
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End-to-End Connectivity Quick Start and Agile Deployment Centric VIP Digital Boards

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