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Centric Visual Boards

Amazing. Game-changing. Truly collaborative.

Centric Visual Boards drive collaboration and decision making across the merchandising and design lifecycle with highly intuitive and digital workspaces.

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Highly Visual.
Cross-System Collaboration.

Centric Visual Boards are designed for fashion, outdoor, luxury, consumer goods and retail businesses looking to leverage fully collaborative, highly intuitive, cross-system and fully-connected technology.

Combine expertise across cross-functional teams and provide maximum visibility into group decisions​, bring data into one place from multiple systems and into a format that people understand; save time and money, and dramatically speed time to market​.

Fully exploit the potential of total digital transformation to remain future-ready, prepared in the face of market disruption​

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A new market-driven experience built hand-in-hand with world leading brands and retailers.

Highly intuitive and visual

Built like a social media app but for work. Or, rather, to eliminate work.

Cross-system &​ fully connected

Bring together live, actionable information from multiple sources, including PLM and other business systems.

Fully collaborative

Revolutionize group decision for truly collaborative, real-time work across teams, geographies and expertise.


Roll info up into dashboards, drill-down into details, personalize analytics. Information is 100% executable.

What are Centric Visual Boards?

Centric Visual Boards are collaborative digital touch-screen boards that give teams the innovation they need to truly collaborate – fundamentally changing the way decisions are made.

Design & Merchandising

Capture inspiration and build new collections faster –explore creative concepts and easily find the existing info you need with a global collection overview!


Enable group decision making, help delegate tasks and ensure everyone adheres to deadlines, no matter how many products are being juggled.

Buyers & Sales

Build assortments by channel (retail, wholesale and e-commerce), store type or even by individual store and set line structure per financial strategy and sales targets.


Drastically cut time to market by bringing better products to market faster and improve business performance.

A modern, uniquely visual, touch-based way of working.

All users are connected and information is updated in real time, dramatically transforming decision-making and automating execution to truly collapse time to market and time to innovation.

Increase productivity

Dashboards give full visibility into collection and product status at all stages. Provides a strategic-level overview for executives and drill-down capabilities for users. All can make changes using a touch-based system that is fast and intuitive.

Drive innovation

Users can play with ’what-if’ and sandboxing scenarios using real-time information to collaborate on creative ideas within a business context. Today this work typically takes place offline or with ad-hoc tools.

Massive time savings

Centric Visual Boards replace foam core boards of all types and paper-based decision making. Instead, information is projected on a giant touch-screen television and macro and micro level views can be manipulated with individuals contributing via their own devices, drilling down into details as needed.

Real-time visibility

Information is shared real time with PLM and other business systems such as ERP, DAM, PIM and design tools for a fully accurate vision of product creation, development, costing, inventories, delivery date and other key information and milestones.

Speed decision making

The mass execution of decisions is automated and tracked, drastically boosting accuracy and speed with no additional data entry or work. Teams mass create and update cascading changes, reducing the risk of error and miscommunication while accelerating the development process.

Happy users

Centric Visual Boards improve employee retention by allowing users to focus more on creativity and value added work and enhanced user experience making work easier, less stressful and more fun.

12,500+ Brands Trust Centric Software

Built hand-in-hand with fast-moving consumer goods and fashion brands
and retailers to address real industry needs

Use technology in a smart, flexible way

All decisions are fully executable, based on real-time info from other systems like PLM, ERP, planning, PIM, DAM, etc.

Info is exportable or pushed out back to systems.

Drill down and roll up with an iPad app that syncs and shares with everyone else, using a touch-screen TV.

A flexible and agile way of working to meet the expectations of today’s consumers

Explore Centric Visual Boards

Centric Visual Boards are a family of boards, each dedicated to different phase 
of the go to market process, each highly configurable and easy to use.

Visual Concept Board

Sandbox with Structure: Intuitive, user-friendly ideas board where merchandising and design teams can visually add products, inspirations and product ideas to create collection structures.

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Visual Assortment Board

Accelerate Assortment Planning: Empowers merchandisers, designers and product developers to create awesome assortments with a materials-first approach to what-if scenarios and planning.

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Visual Showroom Board

Streamline Go to Market decision-making with assortment presentations, online and in real time, with dynamic, shareable roll-ups and reports.

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