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Omnichannel Showroom Board

Deliver custom digital showroom experiences to every sales channel.

Maximize sales, speed, and customer responsiveness.

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Trusted by the world’s top fashion, outdoor, luxury, consumer goods and retail companies.

Visually Interactive Assortment Management

Optimize wholesale and retail sales execution to meet market demands more efficiently and profitably.

Curate Data-Driven Assortments

Visually pivot assortments while connecting with real-time data from PLM, Planning, ERP, PIM, etc. Develop the most robust product mix across every sales channel, with higher margins and less waste.

Reduce Costs & Resources

Combine state-of-the-art technology with one source of truth. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars in time, freeing up valuable sales resources and reducing costs in travel, printing and more.

Meet Market Demands

Assortment management tools are integrated with live digital showrooms to empower swift reaction to market demands across channels, geographies, and store types.

Deliver the Ultimate Sales Experience

Drag and drop suggested assortments, presentations, lookbooks, and interactive line sheets with video and 3D capabilities. Deliver a superior selling experience across every sales channel faster.

Operate Sustainably

Make more precise upfront raw material and production decisions as a result of earlier and more accurate order commitments. Reduce excess sample-making and inventory, improving your global footprint.

Collaborate Visually

Connect multi-site and cross-functional teams to leverage on-the-ground market intelligence and selling insights that facilitate faster reaction to trends. Deliver more targeted products, ahead of the competition.

Our customers' results speak for themselves.


faster buy session setup

1.5M Euro

in value of gained time and reduced travel costs

Game-changing visually interactive showrooms.

Deliver the right products, in the right mix, to the right channel at the right time.

Digital Showroom Setup with Ease

Live showroom management with personalized branding, 3D models and video delivers an unmatched buying experience across every sales channel.

Streamlined multi-channel orders into back-end systems enable one version of sales truth to adapt mix on-demand.

Accelerate every step of your sales process from setup to order generation and market response.

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Market-Ready Assortment Precision

Slice and dice collections across channels, customers, regions, and stores with laser-focused optimization.

Proactively suggest styles via precisely tailored showrooms to increase the value of every order.

Supercharge your customers buying experience with dynamic ordering across clusters, products, doors, sizes, colors and more.

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Real-time Order Sync

Collaborative order entry delivers the ultimate sales and buying experience.

Visual real-time sales reporting across channels achieves faster vendor and supplier commitments that meet market demand.

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Harmonize the global buy

Achieve assortment balance across channels, customers and financial objectives.

Harmonization allows for focused negotiations with customers and vendors.

Speed time to market, accelerate production allocation and optimize omnichannel sales execution.

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Make better a reality. Maximize your shopping basket across every sales channel faster. Find out how in just 60 minutes.

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Visual Assortment Board

Accelerate Assortment Planning: Empowers merchandisers, designers and product developers to create awesome assortments with a materials-first approach to what-if scenarios and planning.

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Visual Concept Board

Sandbox with Structure: Intuitive, user-friendly ideas board where merchandising and design teams can visually add products, inspirations and product ideas to create collection structures.

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Omnichannel Showroom Board

Streamline Go to Market decision-making with assortment presentations, online and in real time, with dynamic, shareable roll-ups and reports.

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Make better a reality. Transform assortment management with visual collaboration now.
Find out how in just 60 minutes.