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The Digital Buying Board

Maximize assortment value by transforming global and regional buying sessions with Centric’s state-of-the-art Digital Buying Board.

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Underselling Great Products?

Brands and retailers worldwide are struggling to select the best product assortments for wholesale, retail and e-commerce channels to maximize the assortment value at retail and are therefore not realizing full sales potential.

Relying on dense, out of date spreadsheets, powerpoints and other documents for worldwide & regional merchandising and buying is chaos and increases the risk of critical errors. Without true visibility, no flexibility and outdated and incomplete information, it is impossible to make good decisions. How can you optimize product assortments by channel, region, store-type or persona?

Want to stop wasting time and energy?

That sounds like me!

digital buying board

Meet Centric’s Digital Buying Board

Used by Central and Regional Merchandisers, Buyers, Retail Wholesale Sellers and Product teams, the Digital Buying Board provides highly visual and up to date information and facilitates the team collaboration needed to curate assortments from master or regional collections.

Merge together information from multiple systems including PLM and ERP into an easy-to-use, highly visual platform compatible with any touch-screen device and with a social media like interface.

digital buying board

Create product assortments that meet financial targets

digital buying board

Create rules attached to products so regional merchandisers can see what they are permitted to do with specific assortments during digital buying sessions.

digital buying board

Direct impact on margins year-on-year, with the ability to slice and dice assortment data to analyze successful products at the end of each season according to channel, store or other criteria and plan accordingly.

digital buying board

Digitize assortment planning to improve visibility and achieve the correct product mix at store level and optimize regional and channel-specific assortments.

digital buying board

Reduce the likelihood of selling off excess inventory at a lower margin with granular control of merchandise at store level.

Explore the Buying Board’s key features

digital buying board

Designate core and optional products and build assortments by collection, region, country, store type, persona and more.

digital buying board

Track Open to Buy vs Budget, average selling price, assortment depth and more. Roll up for Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ).

digital buying board

Buyers can make unit commitments by SKU with ‘orders’ rolling up to see overall quantities.

digital buying board

Buyers can give product and merchandising teams early-stage feedback by ‘liking’ or rating products.

digital buying board

Gather real-time analytics and roll up reports that provide full visibility of assortments by store, region, channel, price point, color or even persona.

digital buying board

A must-have to drive sell-through

  • Achieve the optimum product mix at store level and optimize regional and channel-specific assortments to meet financial goals.
  • Improve collaboration between central, regional merchandising teams and internal buyers with one central, simple tool.
  • Drive better decision-making early in the process to reduce time to market and create better collection management to maximize sell-in & sell-through.

Simple to Use

  • Get started straight-away with the Buying Board’s fully visual, intuitive and fast-acting interface – it’s as easy to use as your favorite app!
  • Choose how you display, filter and arrange products – pick what suits your way of working. Ping! Notifications make it easy for you to track changes in real time.
  • Compatible with laptops and mobile devices so you can use it anywhere.
digital buying board

Want to learn more about Centric’s Digital Boards?

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