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Respond rapidly to consumer and market demands with optimized and innovative product assortments

Centric PLM drives digital transformation for both specialty cosmetics and personal care and multicategory retailers to streamline product go-to-market strategies. Develop or co-create private label products and plan an optimized mix of own-brand and branded health and beauty, fragrance, skincare, haircare and toiletry products and more.

Develop and retail formulated and non-formulated products with a single digital platform.

Orchestrate deep or narrow private label and branded product portfolios

Centralize private label and branded assortment plans to boost visibility. Make proactive decisions for optimal private label and branded SKU development and maximum product margins.

Easily track progress with reliable, up-to-date information against plans. Pinpoint products that are not performing well and identify opportunities for new private label product development.

Connect sales, marketing, merchandising and new product development (NPD) teams to strategically design product offers, run “what if” cost scenarios. Align product portfolio strategies with financial goals.

Increase new product introduction success

Centralize merchandise development plans to identify opportunities to launch new products, carry-over bestsellers or update and reposition for specific seasons and markets.

Automatically calculate how costs affect product margins and pricing to take the guesswork out of successful product introductions.

Accelerate innovation and private label product development with built-in product brief templates, ingredient and formulation libraries and connections with external formulation databases.

Boost efficiency and visibility to get to market faster

Break down bottlenecks with integrated workflow and task management built and configured into Centric PLM.

Increase visibility for managers and individual team members with a view of product statuses across different ranges and assortments. Access up-to-date information as products move from concept to development to testing and ingredient screening to launch and retail.

Free teams from tedious administration tasks; eliminate hundreds of siloed documents like spreadsheets, PowerPoints, emails and more to dramatically speed time to market.

Streamline private label and supplier co-created product development

Connect suppliers directly with designers, developers and merchandisers through the Centric PLM supplier portal. Boost collaboration and gain visibility to manage supply chain capabilities, costs and timelines.

Launch RFQs and product specification briefs en masse. Built-in suitable target sourcing lists based on criteria such as compliance certifications and audits to streamline selection.

Create product briefs with detailed product specifications and requests for information from suppliers such as buying price, minimum order quantities and lead times.

Co-develop packaging, artwork, labels and manage approvals

Streamline the co-development of packaging and artwork for different regions, languages and labeling requirements.

Generate detailed packaging briefs from templates. Ensure label accuracy with product specifications directly connected to label templates that automatically update as formulation evolves.

Connect 2D and 3D package developers directly to PLM libraries while working in their native software environments.

Respect quality and compliance with full visibility and control

Centralize all product-related information, documents and history of stage-gate decisions in one digital platform for easier tracking, quality assessments, traceability and faster response to recalls.

Link and aggregate compliance requirements according to production regions, suppliers and factories, processes, ingredients, formulations, etc.

Facilitate supplier self-assessments and other third-party assessments using audit templates, mobile applications and alert settings.

Our Solutions

Discover what makes Centric Software® innovations so unique

  • Centric PLM

    Built on out of the box, easy to use innovations, Centric PLM is a suite of interconnected modules that boost end-to-end product development efficiency and collaboration with full control of workflows, supply chains, costs and time from start to finish.

  • Enterprise Connectivity

    Centric PLM is the central hub for product information that easily integrates with existing systems like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), e-commerce, PIM (Product Information Management), DAM (Data Asset Management), compliance software, packaging software and many more.

  • Centric 3D Connect

    Eliminate costly and time-consuming packaging prototype development with 3D CAD software directly connected with Centric PLM. 3D capabilities within Centric PLM empower everyone, even those without 3D training or a 3D CAD license, to view, annotate, comment and share realistic protoypes for a complete 3D workflow.

    Centric 3D Connect
  • Adobe® Illustrator PLM Connect

    2D packaging engineers can easily connect directly to PLM libraries while working in their native Adobe Illustrator environment and those with no Illustrator training can also comment, view, etc. This connection eliminates tedious data entry and admin tasks so the focus can stay on creativity and paying attention to detail.

  • Centric PLM Mobile Apps

    Inspiration, competitive analysis, quality reviews, factory inspections and more happen beyond the confines of the office. Centric’s suite of Mobile Apps connect directly to PLM so teams can work from anywhere and at any time with no need to rekey any information once back at their desks. The time savings is huge!

  • Agile Deployment

    Centric PLM has the fastest time to value in the industry with PLM deployments completed in months, remotely when needed. Centric’s unique Agile Deployment methodology is unique and optimized to leverage Centric PLM’s flexible, configurable, out-of-the-box technology with industry best practices that are built right in.

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Centric 3D Connect

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