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Fashion and Apparel Manufacturers

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Cutting Costs for Fashion Manufacturers

Amidst evolving consumer demands, inventory pressures and changing operational needs, garment manufacturers are hindered by time-consuming and often manual work. 50% to 60% of an order’s lifecycle is spent in pre-production, making up 30% of operational expenses. To stay ahead, companies need digital tools that drive productivity, speed time to market and reduce costs across every phase of product development.

Systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and traditional Product Data Management (PDM) cannot help enterprises optimize this product development process. ERP was designed to manage products once they are made, while PDM focuses mainly on product specs.

Centric PLM for fashion and apparel manufacturers optimizes the entire business process from ideation to retail, digitally transforming internal and external collaboration for both owned operations and partnerships with brands and retailers. Our configurable out-of-the-box PLM solutions for manufacturers are fast to deploy with industry best practices and deep apparel expertise built in. Reduce operational costs, collaborate efficiently, build a backbone for knowledge transfer that enables you to keep working smoothly despite employee turnover and easily provide partners with compliance certifications, quality control info and OEM product documentation on a single digital platform.

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Shorten time to market by 15-50%

Receive product specs from multiple brands and retailers in a standardized format to improve workflow, increase efficiency and speed production.

Dynamic and always up-to-date production calendars, to-do lists, alerts, task hand-offs and templates reduce bottlenecks and boost collaboration.

Track, report and capture information in one place to gain agility and adapt quickly. SC Fashion reduced sample production cycles by 25% with Centric.

Boost product revenue and achieve growth targets

Streamline operations, freeing teams to focus on strategic, value-added work, meet business goals for growth and manage that growth.

Slice and dice data by role with personalized dashboards and powerful reporting capabilities to drive better decision-making and careful cost control.

Easily analyze seasons’ or years’ worth of information to answer questions about financial and supplier performance, costs or other complex queries.

Reduce COGS to maximize product margins

Accurately calculate and track changing relationships between cost, price and profit according to set sales goals to improve product margins.

Manage global procurement in a unified manner to determine the best procurement plan and improve product profitability.

Eliminating data entry errors saves time and costs spent on unnecessary rework and re-runs.

Connect stakeholders to increase efficiency

Internal teams, suppliers and brands and retailers share real-time data on one platform to improve responsiveness, risk management and decision-making.

Increase product development efficiency by 10-50%. Mitigate the disruption of employee turnover with a solid knowledge base and product data records.

Gain visibility into sample materials and use virtual sampling with partners to reduce sample numbers, production time, costs and waste.

Guarantee high-quality products

Share standardized tech packs to cut emails, queries and data entry errors. Ensure samples, prototypes and finished quality are maintained and on-brand.

Use the Sample Review app to create style reviews, record notes, capture photos and add annotations during reviews. No more re-keying data!

Seamlessly manage BOMs. Robust, searchable libraries make it easy to find previously created products and enable fast and accurate quoting.

Ensure sustainable & compliant business practices

Improve supply chain visibility to provide partners with accurate carbon footprint and traceability data, even for components and subcontracted work.

Reduce physical samples with 3D prototyping, streamline production and cut re-work to meet sustainability and emissions targets.

Make complex compliance and audit documentation easily accessible to brand and retail partners.

Built by fashion and manufacturing experts

Our PLM innovations are driven by our fashion customers, incorporating feedback from hundreds of successful implementations. Take advantage of built-in vertical-specific best practices with our highly configurable, flexible and scalable solutions.

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Our Solutions

Discover what makes Centric Software® innovations so unique

  • Centric PLM

    Innovative, out-of-the-box modular PLM with connected mobile apps providing a single source of truth for all product-related data. Constantly updated to incorporate industry best practices. Streamlines end-to-end product development and transforms collaboration to reduce costs and speed time to market.

    Centric PLM
  • Product Specifications

    Share real-time, clear, concise product data across internal and external teams to reduce errors and improve traceability. Easily import customer tech pack data as well as costing, BOMs, pattern files and marker files. Quickly input technical information with automatic mass change/update features.

    Product Specifications
  • Quality Management & Final Inspection

    Establish consistent test standards, streamline quality control and enable safety and compliance tracking with the Quality Management module. Use the Final Inspection module and mobile app to maintain product quality by meeting AQLs and evaluation points for customers on a per-product basis.

    Quality Management & Final Inspection
  • End-to-End Connectivity

    Easily share tech packs with brand and retail partners. Integrate PLM with enterprise solutions like ERP and PDM. Connect with leading 3D CAD solutions and Adobe Illustrator for visuals, co-design with partners and virtual sampling. Employ artificial intelligence tools for fast material searches.

    End-to-End Connectivity
  • Industry Best Practices

    Centric PLM is constantly updated in response to feedback from our customer-partners to incorporate industry best practices and deep fashion and apparel manufacturing expertise. Configure PLM to suit your business and gain from industry-leading innovations that respond to real market challenges.

    Industry Best Practices
  • Quick Start and Agile Deployment

    Quick Start packages get lean versions of PLM up and running remotely in days not months to respond to market disruption, seamlessly connect teams and continue business-critical operations. Agile Deployment enables rapid implementation, easier data migrations and the fastest ROI in the industry.

    Quick Start and Agile Deployment
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Centric PLM Product Specifications Quality Management & Final Inspection End-to-End Connectivity Industry Best Practices Quick Start and Agile Deployment

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