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Balance Quality, Product Margins and Speed with Centric PLM and Retail Planning

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Create Iconic Products More Efficiently

Leather goods companies operate in a fiercely competitive industry. It’s not easy to uphold brand reputation and quality while pursuing growth opportunities and satisfying changing consumer preferences, such as demand for more localized and sustainable products.

The unique nature of leather and other skins as raw materials mean that leather goods companies need the visibility and forecasting tools to build collections on the basis of anticipated supply, working closely with trusted suppliers or external manufacturers to create products with optimal product margins and minimal wastage.

Centric PLM and Centric Retail Planning give leather goods companies the power to cost-effectively forecast raw material needs and accurately define product assortments to drive stock management, vendor replenishment and optimal inventory levels. Plan collections with greater visibility, source efficiently and iterate rapidly on bestsellers to produce artisan products of exceptional craftsmanship in a fraction of the time. End-to-end traceability makes it easy to track sustainability credentials and CITES documentation for each leather.

Whether your leather goods company is co-creating products with suppliers or owns everything from design to manufacturing in-house, PLM keeps all teams on the same page with a single source of truth for planning and product data. Build a solid digital foundation for future growth and create the products that will keep loyal customers coming back.

Connect teams to speed time to market

Power cross-functional team collaboration by syncing design, merchandising, product team and co-design suppliers in one digital space to share up-to-date data.

Centralize all product-related data, replacing multiple spreadsheets, emails and siloed file storage. Streamline planning, product sourcing and leather buying.

Boost visibility and use integrated workflows to manage timelines, meet excellence milestones and speed time to market.

Improve product margins with efficient sourcing

Collaborate closely with suppliers through the vendor portal and easily compare options to obtain best-in-class materials for the lowest cost.

Enhance visibility and roll up forecasted quantities of leathers, hardware components and trims across collections.

Create what-if scenarios and develop realistic sales estimates with full visibility into raw material costs, product margins and assortment product mix.

Protect quality and brand heritage

Assure the quality and sustainability of materials with transparent sourcing and streamlined quality checks. Track and manage CITES documentation.

Protect brand heritage by ensuring materials are always appropriate, high-quality and fit for purpose.

Employ full traceability and detailed product data to showcase product quality and craftsmanship and meet the expectations of digital consumers.

Plan effectively with deep analytics and actionable data

Start building collections easily around shapes and leather types. Access tech packs, technical data sheets, patterns, grading and more at a glance.

Centralize current and historic product data and material/component libraries so teams can develop collections using data from previous seasons.

Use machine learning to turn large volumes of data into actionable suggestions and insights. Optimize assortments and inventory by channel and store with big-picture and granular visibility.

Manage materials, BOMs and color rules

Gain visibility into how usage of different leathers in multiple grades across collections affects pricing with dynamic roll-ups.

Manage BOMs with total precision and easily update in response to prototype iterations and information from suppliers.

Use the Color Rules functionality to define seasonal color matrices, ensure color consistency across BOMs and balance color usage in collections.

Free teams to focus on creating great products

Store product information and innovation ‘know-how’ in one user-friendly digital knowledge base for easier succession planning and quick onboarding.

Employ innovative tools like 3D CAD connectors, Adobe® Connect and mobile apps to develop original products faster while maintaining quality.

Eradicate hundreds of spreadsheets, emails and data silos. Eliminate costly, time consuming errors and focus on innovation, quality and craft.

Our Solutions

Discover what makes Centric Software® innovations so unique

  • Centric PLM

    Develop high-quality products efficiently using a highly configurable, modular, cloud-based PLM solution with built-in market-driven innovations and best practices for leather goods teams. Connect teams with a real-time actionable ‘single source of the truth’ for product-related data.

    Centric PLM
  • Centric Retail Planning

    Optimize financial, merchandise and in-season planning to improve sell-through and maximize profits. Define financial targets for each product, channel and market with granular analytics. Gain visibility to effectively match forecasts for availability of leathers with collection plans.

  • Merchandise Planning

    Run ‘what-if’ costing scenarios to reduce material, shipping and manufacturing costs. Gain visibility to effectively match forecasts for availability of leathers with collection plans. Identify bestsellers and under-performers. Make decisions based on personalized reports and real-time data.

  • 3D and 2D Design Integration

    Centric PLM integrates seamlessly with multiple leading 3D CAD solutions such as AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS to empower streamlined design and prototyping. Teams that use Adobe® Illustrator instead of or in addition to manual sketches can sketch and start building BOMs in Illustrator using PLM data.

  • Vendor Portal

    Connect trusted suppliers or external manufacturers directly with Centric PLM. Take advantage of their expertise and handle costs, schedules, prototypes, quality testing and documentation. Easily compare different raw material or finished product options to effectively balance quality with margins.

  • Capture It Mobile App

    Take pictures of samples during buying sessions or snap inspiration on the move and send images straight to PLM with the Capture It mobile app. Give teams intuitive mobile tools to save time and tedious photo uploading admin tasks, fueling creativity and collaboration.

  • Materials Management

    Avoid under- or over-purchases of expensive and limited raw materials with an easily-managed materials library and detailed forecasting tools. Empower sourcing teams to negotiate best prices and terms. Manage BOMs with greater precision. Generate roll-ups to calculate material usage across a season.

  • Centric Buying Board

    Connect teams in digital workspaces to collaborate and dramatically transform decision-making. Improve collection management and maximize sell-through with the Buying Board for Retail. Create digital showrooms to transform assortment presentation and order capture with the Buying Board for Wholesale.

    Centric VIP Digital Boards
  • Agile Deployment

    Centric’s unique Agile Deployment methodology offers the fastest ROI in the industry. Respond to sudden market challenges, connect teams remotely and get PLM going in days with Quick Start packages.

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