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Develop Safe, Sustainable, High Quality
Food & Beverage Products

Reduce risk and ensure compliance, traceability and safety in a highly regulated environment.

Easily adapt to ingredient changes from R&D to label creation, marketing and beyond.

Capture a higher portion of market share with innovative, brand-displacing products.

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Trusted by the world’s top food and beverage brands, retailers and producers.

Move from multiple disconnected systems to one digital platform.

Discover Centric Software’s robust PLM platform for the food and beverage industry. Streamline and optimize projects and workflows while reconnecting functional teams. Leverage AI to automate manual tasks, reduce inefficiencies and bring all information into one up-to-date platform.

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Streamline workflows

Manage tasks efficiently with built-in workflows. See the impact of R&D, design, packaging and supply decisions on cost, delivery and more while maximizing efficiency.

Keep track of product specs

Synchronize product & packaging data

Automate with ai

Visually Connect Systems & Teams

See how food and beverage teams get results

Use next-generation PLM and visual collaboration tools to optimize product offerings, boost agility and meet accelerated marketplace pressures and operational challenges head-on. Don't take our word for it: see the ROI for companies like yours.


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The food and beverage industry

is in constant crisis mode

From unpredictable weather events and supply chain issues to regulatory compliance and safety recalls, the food and beverage industry faces a unique set of challenges.

Ingredient substitution

Crop failures, conflict and shipping blockades are some events that can cause ingredient shortages and commodity price hikes. But replacing ingredients is a significant health hazard, teams must undertake R&D and update allergens from packaging to shelf.

Food safety risks

Every food item on the shelf carries a potential health risk, relying on spreadsheets to manage compliance and traceability is no longer sufficient. To effectively reduce risk, protect customers and brand reputation, teams must have access to AI-powered tools.

Consumer loyalty

Consumers have a limited need for fresh food and calories to consume, making
the battle for market share highly competitive. Capturing market share and building brand loyalty are crucial, but can be held back by slow time to market and inefficient product development.

Successfully navigate complex challenges with Centric’s AI solutions

Centric Software innovates AI, market-driven solutions for food and beverage companies. Streamline R&D, manage product changes, speed time to market and reduce waste. Make sound strategic decisions to grow revenues and market share.

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Speed time to market

Cut R&D process time and get market-responsive products on the shelf before the competition. Connect everyone to one real-time source of truth for formulation, ingredients and more to meet deadlines.

Ensure compliance and traceability

Simplify quality control and global compliance. Centralize and track the history of ingredient changes and decisions. Automatically update changes from formulation to artwork to marketing. FoodChain ID integration enhances regulatory compliance capabilities.

Boost return on innovation investment

Streamline R&D and leverage AI to automate creative tasks to do more with the same resources. Strengthen the innovation pipeline with new products more often. Improve future sales by providing data-driven sales collateral early in the innovation cycle.

Enlarge market share

Increase market share with improved, more reactive product development to capitalize on food trends, capture more of the market early and defend it more effectively. Build consumer loyalty with improved traceability and compliant, safe and sustainable products.

Enable sustainability

Build a digital foundation for supply chain transparency and accountability. Track adherence to sustainability targets to inform CSR and ESG reporting. Prevent overproduction, optimize inventory and document ingredients, waste, carbon footprint, ethical labor and more.

Reduce costs and increase margins

Leverage AI digital tools to save time and money by eliminating costly, error-prone manual tasks such as data entry and spreadsheet admin. Increase revenue as a direct result of faster time to market and a more streamlined approach to reduce risk.

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Explore our innovative
visual assortment
management tool

Visually connect systems and teams to make collaborative decisions and deliver competitive, consumer-centric product assortments faster.

Discover centric visual boards

We work with all types of companies, large or small

Developing safe and compliant products, maximizing profitability and meeting sustainability goals are important no matter the company type or size.

That's why we work hand-in-hand with our food and beverage customers to understand their unique and complex day-to-day operational and strategic requirements, and continue to iterate and develop our solutions to keep up with the changing needs of the food and beverage industry.

Ingredient providers

Manage regulatory compliance, quality control and sourcing with a single source of truth. Streamline collaboration with customers and increase efficiency with the same resources.

Food and Beverage companies

React to changes and empower R&D with greater visibility, control and productivity to get great products to market on time and capture market share.

Food Service companies

Build consistency and efficiency from product ideation all the way to delivery at retail. Deliver products consumers want, at the right time, place and price point.

Discover how every team benefits with Centric Software


Brand Managers

Project Management

R&D / Food Scientists

Buyers / Procurement

Quality & Compliance

Packaging & Artwork

Master Data Management

With Centric PLM’s centralized product data hub, marketing teams have access to valuable R&D information, that can be leveraged to improve marketing messaging, reduce brand liability and ensure accuracy of product claims.

Use Centric Visual Boards to visually manage product ranges and execute collaborative decisions. Enable collaboration between innovation and marketing teams to quickly compile and launch new product briefs that precisely define new product goals, resulting in fewer iterations to get it right. Streamline product sampling and feedback. Draw on a wealth of existing product characteristics data to determine price, taste, permissible ingredients, nutritional targets, product claims and target audience.

Ensure that products consistently comply with brand identity and values with Centric PLM as a centralized hub for product and packaging information.

Monitor designs and artwork in development, screen for prohibited ingredients and track metrics and sourcing data related to sustainability and human rights. Enhance brand value and expand market share by creating a consistent, reliable and transparent product offering.

Bring together project management and product development in one digital environment to manage tasks, workflows and obstacles efficiently, eliminating error-prone and time-consuming spreadsheets. Industry-specific features give the ability to manage new product innovations and changes to existing products already within Centric PLM. Quickly develop and iterate on popular base products to capitalize on emerging food and beverage trends.

Reconnect cross-functional teams that have been separated by data silos, streamline processes, enabling critical internal changes and improve speed to market as a result. Pull in data from multiple systems and collaborate with internal team members along the evolution of the product as well external parties such as artwork companies, laboratories, suppliers and others.

Gain complete transparency throughout each stage of product development and manufacturing, giving R&D teams the ability to track all product-related data in real time to ensure accuracy. Automatically record changes made over time so users have a historic log of every action while leveraging Centric’s formulation management solutions to modify existing formulations for new product introductions.

Empower R&D teams to develop best practices for streamlined ingredient and specifications management. Access all formulation data per product, making it quick and easy to review nutritional values, raw materials specifications, product claims, allergens and costs of goods sold and easily integrate with USDA, SR Legacy and Ciqual databases. In the event of a product recall, R&D teams can easily pinpoint affected products, pull them from store shelves, and halt manufacturing.

Unite all sourcing and procurement stakeholders on a single platform, creating a centralized hub of sourcing data that is updated in real time for every product. This removes the risk of doubled efforts and eliminates the complexity of multiple spreadsheets. Drive close collaboration and efficient communication between suppliers and stakeholders, resulting in a streamlined approach to product and packaging development and procurement.

Run ‘what-if’ sourcing scenarios and assess the impact of different sourcing decisions on formulation and the ability to manufacture a product in a specific location. Manage and automatically update all data related to vendors, audits and certification, raw ingredients, packaging components and materials, prices and more.

Gain full visibility into all product-related data, to easily track compliance information and make necessary changes to improve product quality and maintain regulatory standards. Centric PLM comes equipped with built-in process management workflows and audit modules to streamline quality and compliance audits and manage audit certifications from third parties.

Ensure fast reactions to recalls and quickly identify affected products when raw materials, ingredients and components are implicated in a food safety issue. Assess risks when partnering with vendors and manage all audit documentation like HACCP and certifications related to global standards such as GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and local standards including SQF (USA), BRC (UK), IFS (EU) and others.

Ensure products are safe and protected for maximum shelf life with a simplified, cost-efficient approach to package and label development. Pull data from artwork templates to generate placeholders for attributes, like ingredient listings, weight, manufacturing data, images and country of origin, then certify compliance with local guidelines by conforming labels to specific regional markets.

Centric’s artwork proofing tools can be used to add annotations, check artwork for regulatory and brand compliance, and iterate with design agencies until artwork is complete and approved by marketing and regulatory teams. Integrations with popular 2D and 3D packaging and artwork management tools enable all stakeholders to work together seamlessly on one digital interface.

Centric PLM acts as a central repository for up-to-date product data that can push and pull data from many other systems. Once product data is complete, it must be synchronized usually via GS1 Standards and the GDSN datapool. Data eventually ends up integrated into supply chain software, ERP systems, manufacturing execution systems. Centric’s integration technologies are crucial in this process.

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