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Discover Centric SMB: a cloud based, SaaS solution for small and medium sized brands

Centric SMB is designed to speed product development, reduce costs and increase market responsiveness. Hosted on a cloud-based subscription basis (SaaS) means no setup costs, no hardware to buy and install and no IT resources to hire.

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Everything you need in a PLM solution. Nothing you don’t.

With access to the same proven Product Lifecycle Management Technologies and industry know-how as bigger players, small and emerging businesses can set the foundation for future growth. Ideal for a team of 5-30.

Speed & Simplicity

Implementations are ultra-fast; we’re talking as few as 4-6 weeks! Cloud-based solutions mean no hardware to purchase and install and drastically reduced upfront costs so teams can focus on products, not IT.

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Replace spreadsheets, emails and other data tools that slow product development and breed inefficiencies and errors. Speed product development, reduce costs and increase market responsiveness.

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As a business grows so does the complexity of product development. Centric SMB scales with you, whether you make performance wear, footwear, leather goods, tailored apparel, denim, intimates or other fashion goods.

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Streamline product development.
Enhance productivity and creativity.


Product Specifications

Improve the global collaboration of product design and development teams


Product Specifications

  • Create, view and export tech packs in seconds.
  • Tech design, product development and merchandising teams can store, organize, view and report on up-to-date product information in real-time.
  • Track and view product lifecycle changes and deadlines from concept to sourcing

Product Sourcing

Connect your entire sourcing team and suppliers, anywhere, anytime


Product Sourcing

  • Efficiently manage the flow of product and production information across supplier, vendor and manufacturer networks
  • Enhance access vendor information about costs, quotes, samples and requests
  • Monitor vendor performance and compare multiple vendors

Materials Management

Track material usage across product lines, seasons and departments


Materials Management

  • Create and export dynamic Bills of Material (BOM) quickly
  • View the entire lifecycle of a material being used – for sample management, calendars, inventory and style/seasonal roll-ups
  • Increase operational efficiency by having all material data on one a single up-to-date, accurate and actionable platform

Calendar Management

Ensure on-time, on-budget products


Calendar Management

  • Benefit from greater visibility into user/job specific tasks and deadlines.
  • Spend less time in status meetings and focus on meeting deadlines
  • Manage workflow assigned tasks and avoid delays with visibility into entire the product development process

Adobe CSX Connect

Access all product development related information such as creative, technical and production detail details directly from Centric SMB.


Adobe CSX Connect

Features & Benefits

For Designers:

  • Sketch new designs within their familiar environment (Adobe Illustrator app).
  • Access textiles, fabrics and colors that match with supply chain information.
  • Share final sketches, line sheets and other designs directly in Centric PLM for better collaboration with brand managers and merchandisers.


For Companies:

  • Get rid of manual processes.
  • Improve profitability and shorten the product development cycle from ideation to production to sales.
  • Centralize all information pertinent to
    the product development cycle such as creative, technical and production related details.

Some of the world's most innovative, emerging brands rely on Centric SMB

No down-time, automatic upgrades and scalable over the long term – Centric SMB grows with you.

Small businesses live and breathe their products, leaving little time for admin and data entry. Yet product people find they are chained to spreadsheets and email due to the lack of a better way of managing product information. Like their larger counterparts, small businesses must manage every aspect of product design and development, from merchandising and product presentation to controlling supplier costs, quality and compliance. Stop using unsuited, off-the-shelf tools that make more work than they eliminate. Centric SMB provides a structure for collaboration and includes all the right tools to accelerate product development without high barriers to implementation.

Centric SMB drives bottom line savings and top line growth

Share knowledge in the context of a flexible product structure for increased efficiency

Shorten the gap between product inspiration and store shelf

Gain greater visibility for improved decision making that generates savings on materials, samples, shipping and more

Save time and reduce stress by eliminating duplication of effort and always having accurate, up to date information

One actionable version of the truth means everyone has access to the same real-time information from anywhere, any time.

Interested, but not a small or medium size company?
Discover our other cloud solutions here.

We’ve gathered the data you need to prove how a PLM investment can help your brand.

Do you need help determining if your company is ready for PLM? Or, are you confident your brand is ready but are having a hard time getting investor or executive buy in? With over 240 PLM implementations in the fashion, retail, footwear and consumer goods industry, we’ve gathered the data you need to prove how a PLM investment will help your brand.

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Seeing is believing

If your PLM software isn’t easy to use your teams won’t use it, so your company won’t reap the benefits. Give us 60 minutes and you’ll see why Centric comprehensive, out-of the box system is the easiest-to-use PLM software platform on the market.