Spreadsheets vs. Retail Planning

Is using spreadsheets to plan the most strategic and costly elements of retail really a good idea? Perhaps it’s time to switch! 


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Spreadsheets are familiar tools that help brands and retailers stay organized. As a business grows and expands – whether that’s an increase in the variety of products, the channels customers can buy through or more bricks-and-mortar stores on the ground – so too do the business needs. 

Spreadsheets can no longer handle this changing level of complexity and if used for too long once you’ve outgrown them, it can start to do more damage than good. Data cannot be consolidated making it difficult to truly understand product performance or accurately forecast for new product development. While huge amounts of manual updates can lead to data entry errors.  

Introducing Retail Planning; created for when organizations want to go beyond problematic spreadsheets.  

Download our guide and discover how Centric’s Retail Planning solution optimizes financial, merchandise and in-season planning to enable organizations to improve their sell-through and maximize profits. Easily align across multiple departments for improved strategic decisions and operational execution. 

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