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19 February 2021

The Cost of PLM Failure: How to Avoid Selecting the Wrong PLM Solution

Ensure PLM project success with the ultimate PLM selection guide Choosing a…

21 September 2020

What is Product Lifecycle Management?

Get Ready for the Power of Food and Beverage PLM Product Lifecycle…

3 July 2020

Explore the frontiers of buying session technology!

A bite-size guide to decision-making with digital boards

17 March 2020

Prepare for the Future When the Marketplace Shifts

A Centric PLM™ handbook to prepare businesses in the face of disruption

15 January 2020

Centric Software’s Digital Buying Board

Centric Software’s Digital Buying Board Is your calendar filling up with endless…

3 December 2019

Rise of the ‘Slow Movement’

How PLM Helps Brands React with Sustainable and Profitable Products Have you…

2 December 2019

Enterprise Technologies: A guide for Multicategory Retailers

Navigating the Enterprise Technology Landscape Multicategory retailers know that investing in the…

9 November 2019

Survive and Thrive on Black Friday & Cyber Monday with Centric Retail PLM

Known for its promotions, midnight openings and consumers desperate not to miss…

21 October 2019

The ABC’s of the Home Décor and Home Furnishings IT Landscape

A Technology Guide for Home Décor and Home Furnishings Businesses Digital transformation…

11 October 2019

End Buying and Merchandising Headaches with Centric’s Digital Buying Board

Are your Product teams, Buyers, Merchandisers and Retail Wholesalers managing billions of…

2 October 2019

Get Your Home Décor & Home Furnishings Business On Trend!

Envisioning New Market Spaces: Trends in Home Décor and Furnishings Home décor…

2 October 2019

Creating a PLM Business Case for Emerging Brands

How to Build a Business Case for PLM: Highlighting the Benefits of…

2 October 2019

Manufacturers, Meet PLM!

From Fashion House to Factory Floor: How PLM has become the Backbone…

2 October 2019

Creating a Business Case for PLM

How to Build a Business Case for PLM: Highlighting the Benefits of…

2 October 2019

How to Choose the Perfect PLM Partner!

Choosing your PLM Partner: Why Innovation is the Key to a Perfect…

6 May 2019

Take the Lead in the Retail Race!

3 business strategies for multi-category retailers to get ahead in a rapidly…

28 March 2019

Empowering Your ‘Backstage’ Teams: Retail Digital Transformation for What You Sell, Not Just How You Sell

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions can help ‘back of house’ teams keep…

30 November 2018

Combat Market Challenges!

Market Challenges: Fact or Fiction? Three Digital Transformation Business Strategies for Fashion…

5 October 2018

What is Centric VIP?

Download our cool infographic to learn about Centric's Visual Innovation Platform.

5 October 2018

Retail Transformation Infographic

Learn how Centric PLM drives digital transformation.

2 July 2018

PLM4ALL: Increase Productivity For SMBs

This event will be in Italian.  Everyone’s talking about digital innovation! Wondering…

23 June 2018

How PLM Allowed Mud Pie To Grow

Growth is a wonderful problem to have but managing it effectively requires…

6 June 2018

Digital Transformation For Intimates & Swimwear Brands

All intimates and swimwear brands today face fierce competition not just from…

7 May 2018

Discover PLM For Brands, Retailers And Manufacturers

Wish there was a more accurate way to share information between departments,…

28 April 2018

Mobile Applications: Centric PLM Demo Series (EMEA)

Do you have a special notebook in your bag that you carry…

28 April 2018

PLM Demo Series: Merchandise Planning

Do you wish you could have up-to-date sales data at your fingertips…

28 April 2018

PLM Demo Series: Adobe® & The BOM

Tired of having to transfer your design ideas from Adobe® to a…

23 April 2018

You vs Amazon – Who Wins?

There will always be a competitive threat; someone bigger than you or…

16 February 2018

Keep Up with the Pace of Digital Transformation!

Driving Digital Transformation Initiatives with PLM Digital transformation is a phrase that…

13 February 2018

When Technology Meets Fashion Sustainability

10 policies for sustainability, creating a more environmentally sustainable apparel business Hosted…

18 January 2018

5 Steps Toward PLM Success

Hosted by Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA) Do you find…

27 November 2017

What Is PLM?

Developing products requires information from many sources and many teams located across…

22 November 2017

Technology Soup

Technology Soup: The Fashionista’s Guide to Navigating the Fashion IT Landscape If…

12 June 2017

The Future of Fashion is Here with PLM

The evolution of PLM and other technology in apparel, footwear, luxury, outdoor…

12 June 2017

ERP vs PLM: Which Delivers the Greater Impact?

PLM brings a competitive advantage that an ERP cannot.

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