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30 April 2021

Harga Kegagalan PLM: Bagaimana Menghindari Pemilihan Solusi PLM yang Salah

Studi Kasus dan Daftar Periksa: Berdasarkan pada 400+ penerapan proyek PLM yang…

26 Agustus 2020

Technology Guide for Brands and Retailers

Technology Soup: The Fashionista’s Guide to Navigating the Fashion IT Landscape If…

8 April 2020

[AAFA Webinar] Inclusive Brand ThirdLove Shapes the Future with Technology

May 21 — 2 p.m. EDT Bra company ThirdLove does everything differently…

8 April 2020

Crocs on Data-Driven Design Decisions in Times of Market Disruption

This webinar replay is in English. Notable Feet: How Customer-Driven, Digital Product…

19 Maret 2020

PLM4ALL Webinar Replay: Quick Start Collaboration Tools for Remote Work

Are you still managing your business with emails and spreadsheets hoping you…

29 Januari 2020

Transform Collection and Buying Processes with Centric’s Digital Boards

Struggling to quickly create and manage collections, optimize assortments and meet financial…

22 Januari 2020

Digital Transformation for Supply Chain Agility with AAFA & PVH

Supply chain agility depends on many factors including centralizing all data in…

15 Januari 2020

Centric Software’s Digital Buying Board

Centric Software’s Digital Buying Board Is your calendar filling up with endless…

3 Desember 2019

Rise of the ‘Slow Movement’

How PLM Helps Brands React with Sustainable and Profitable Products Have you…

2 Desember 2019

Empowering End-to-End 3D Workflow with Centric PLM

Empower End-to-End 3D Workflow with Centric PLM If you missed our recent…

2 Desember 2019

Enterprise Technologies: A guide for Multicategory Retailers

Navigating the Enterprise Technology Landscape Multicategory retailers know that investing in the…

9 November 2019

Survive and Thrive on Black Friday & Cyber Monday with Centric Retail PLM

Known for its promotions, midnight openings and consumers desperate not to miss…

8 November 2019

Go Green, Get Growth: How Digital Tech Makes it Possible for Fashion and Retail Brands

Sustainability is top of mind for fashion and retail professionals all around…

6 November 2019

Skyrocket Your Fashion Business with Centric PLM

This webinar replay is in Russian. Request to watch the webinar replay…

21 Oktober 2019

The ABC’s of the Home Décor and Home Furnishings IT Landscape

A Technology Guide for Home Décor and Home Furnishings Businesses Digital transformation…

11 Oktober 2019

End Buying and Merchandising Headaches with Centric’s Digital Buying Board

Are your Product teams, Buyers, Merchandisers and Retail Wholesalers managing billions of…

11 Oktober 2019

PLM4Users: Beyond the Basics, Part 1

Implementing Centric requires several simultaneous workstreams including adapting Centric functionality to your…

11 Oktober 2019

Product Lifecycle Pitfalls Exposed – 4 Keys to a Successful PLM Strategy

Do you want to streamline your product development process and boost overall…

8 Oktober 2019

Safeguard Italian Craftsmanship while Boosting Production with Centric PLM

This event is in Italian. Are you looking for ways to speed…

2 Oktober 2019

Get Your Home Décor & Home Furnishings Business On Trend!

Envisioning New Market Spaces: Trends in Home Décor and Furnishings Home décor…

2 Oktober 2019

Creating a PLM Business Case for Emerging Brands

How to Build a Business Case for PLM: Highlighting the Benefits of…

2 Oktober 2019

Para Produsen, Dapatkan PLM!

Dari Rumah Mode hingga Lantai Pabrik: Cara PLM menjadi Teknologi Backbone untuk…

2 Oktober 2019

Creating a Business Case for PLM

How to Build a Business Case for PLM: Highlighting the Benefits of…

2 Oktober 2019

How to Choose the Perfect PLM Partner!

Choosing your PLM Partner: Why Innovation is the Key to a Perfect…

20 September 2019

PLM & Mobility: Reduce Time to Market

This event was held in Portuguese. Gone are the days when products…

12 September 2019

Life Without Spreadsheets

Do you still rely on spreadsheets…until you just can’t? Is it taking…

10 September 2019

PLM4Users Part II: Vendor Management Tips and Tricks

Want to take a deep dive into vendor management capabilities in Centric…

9 September 2019

PLM4Users Part I: Vendor Management Tips and Tricks

Want to take a deep dive into vendor management capabilities in Centric…

9 September 2019

Winning the Time-to-Market Race: Don’t Fall Behind

Wasted time can seriously hinder success. With little room for error, fashion,…

12 Juni 2017

The Future of Fashion is Here with PLM

The evolution of PLM and other technology in apparel, footwear, luxury, outdoor…

12 Juni 2017

ERP vs PLM: Which Delivers the Greater Impact?

PLM brings a competitive advantage that an ERP cannot.

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