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Consumer expectations are rapidly changing, leading to deep shifts in how consumer products are developed and brought to market.

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Centric Software provides innovative and agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions that boost communication and efficiency across internal and external teams, enabling consumer goods and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to grow revenues by bringing innovative products to market quickly.
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Discover Centric PLM Solutions for Consumer Goods

A dizzying range of products fit into the category of consumer goods, calling for more than a one-size-fits-all PLM solution, and consumer goods companies span the spectrum from niche small enterprises to massive multicategory retailers. Consumer goods and CPG businesses of all shapes and sizes use Centric PLM for Consumer Goods, making and selling products as diverse as pet accessories, gourmet food hampers and iconic jewelry. Explore our consumer goods PLM solutions and success stories! #StayCompetitive

Optimize Product Management and Fully Leverage R&D and Marketing Investments

Product lifecycles have become increasingly compressed as the number of new product introductions explodes. The profitability per product is lower than ever, while the cost of innovation remains high. Compliance, regulatory and packaging requirements evolve constantly, and the market continues to become more and more globalized. Centric Software's PLM solutions provide innovative and agile new ways of working to drive top line business growth and bottom line savings:

Enable growth

Boost revenues by maximizing resources, increasing productivity and improving collaboration while eliminating inefficiencies and errors in information and communications.

Accelerate time to market

Increase agility by improving team coordination and streamlining product development for a more fluid go- to-market process. Favor action over indecision and flexibility over rigidity.

Boost innovation

Augment new product introductions and fully maximize existing product performance via accurate, real-time information and improved collaboration resulting in increased agility.

Market-Leading, Innovative Solutions for Agile Growth

Powerful and intelligent solutions are necessary in today's world to stay in touch with consumer and trends and improve product development and launch flexibility from ideation to service life. Centric Software provides consumer goods businesses with innovative enterprise solutions to achieve their most important strategic and operational digital transformation goals.
Centric Software’s flexible and agile ‘single source of the truth’ PLM solutions collapse time to market, boost product innovation, reduce errors and deliver fast deployment, results and ROI. Want to learn more about PLM and how it can power up your business? What is PLM?
Centric's groundbreaking mobile apps for PLM empower teams to capture information and images on the go, speed up decision-making processes and reduce time to market, ultimately increasing your margins. Check out Centric PLM mobile apps here! Take PLM anywhere
Get the right product to the right point of sale by store, region and channel with the visibility and assortment planning capabilities of Centric's Digital Buying Board. Find out more
3D integration within Centric PLM for Consumer Goods allows product developers and designers to work in multiple 3D environments while connected to PLM, harnessing the power of 3D at every stage of the product lifecycle. Discover 3D for PLM!

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