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Introducing Centric AI Image Search.

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Centric AI Image Search is driven by artificial intelligence. Visually search material, trim, color and style libraries.

Creative teams in fashion and retail collect enormous amounts – sometimes millions of dollars’ worth – of digital and physical samples of materials, trims, colors and styles that serve both as inspiration for the future and as a record of the past.

But finding and using them is very time consuming if not impossible as terabytes of images accumulate and it is often easier for designers and product developers to just order new samples or create new designs than to find what they need.

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Use visuals to make more effective decisions

Use visuals to make more effective decisions

With Centric AI Image Search, designers can take a picture of a new fabric or trim inspiration and instantly search PLM image archives to find the closest match. If a similar item has been approved or used before, a designer can find out immediately. If there isn’t an existing match in archives, Centric AI Image Search can help find a supplier that provides a close match.

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