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Home Décor and Furniture

Drive Faster Time to Market and Time to Trend.

Centric PLM digitally transforms product go-to-market and development for home décor and furniture brands. Streamline operations, drive efficiencies and speed the pace of new product introductions to stay on-trend.

Learn how home décor, furniture and made-to-order teams get to market faster with Centric PLM.

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Fuel efficiency. Increase product innovation and variety. Protect product margins

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  • Collaborate to speed time to market

    Connect design, development, sourcing, manufacturing and retail in one digital space to boost business agility and get a wider variety of products to more markets faster.

  • Empower innovation and product variety

    Get closer to consumers, give designers, product developers and R&D teams powerful collaborative tools and co-create innovative and varied product ranges with suppliers.

  • Launch and manage more SKUs

    Eliminate duplicate SKUs and manual SKU creation. Manage thousands of SKUs efficiently. Home décor brand Uniek increased product variety by 50% at the SKU level with Centric.

  • Control costs to improve product margins

    Run detailed financial ‘what-if’ scenarios to improve product margins and plan assortments more accurately with powerful cost, margin and pricing tools in multiple currencies.

  • Boost end-to-end efficiency

    Stop wasting time searching for information, eliminate duplicate data entry and ditch spreadsheets and siloed data. Get everyone from supplier to showroom on the same page.

  • Gain merchandise planning visibility

    Centralize merchandise development plans. Improve visibility and sandbox potential product options and assortment mixes to establish targets and optimize collections faster.

  • Meet quality specifications

    Take a deep dive into product quality, safety and compliance. Audit factories, track regional regulations on components and materials and compare supplier performance.

  • Attract and retain talent

    User-friendly, intuitive, mobile and social PLM empowers teams with effortless collaboration from anywhere. Attract and retain the best talent to unleash combined creativity.

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Home décor and furniture customers innovating with Centric PLM

Centric PLM suits Riachuelo’s way of working. “It’s highly flexible and can deliver real integration between manufacturing and retail. Centric’s apps bring the mobility and speed we need to develop collections, quickly. The Centric team is focused on customer needs and building a win-win relationship.”

Trend Research, Product Design and Product
Development Project Manager, Lojas Riachuelo

“...we have invested a lot in technology innovations, we were looking for a partner who can match our pace—a market leader. That’s why we decided to make the investment and partner with Centric which will result in a faster implementation, attributes that are ready-to-use out of the box and a quick time to value."

Head of Sourcing for the Women’s Department
C&A Brazil

“We had multiple divisions with work in progress and no consistency in the process. Communication with vendors and our team members in Asia was all via email. We had no central hub of collaboration and didn’t have visibility into the entire product development process.”

VP of Business Innovation
Four Hands

“We only choose to cooperate with the most innovative companies, and Centric Software is completely in sync with us on this point. As the world’s most prestigious digital transformation platform provider, Centric Software has rich experience in both the fashion and retail industries.”


“Before PLM, product development was done with a combination of Excel, Powerpoint, email and even instant messaging. There were too many issues with using these disparate systems and there are also differences in operations between the brands. Our main goal with PLM is to improve collaboration in order to reduce time to market and achieve alignment across product development.”

Product Director
Lojas Renner

How does Centric PLM work for home and furniture teams?

Centric PLM is a market-driven, cloud-based, mobile digital transformation platform that connects product planning, development, sourcing, manufacturing and retail placement teams in the same digital space. Get a wider variety of products to market faster with a single source of actionable truth.

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User-friendly portal

Browser-based portal with visual and intuitive Excel-like interface and the highest user adoption rate (100%) in the industry. Slack integration and mobile apps enable social collaboration.

Personalized dashboards

Configure views, dashboards, reports and analytics according to job function. Slice and dice data to see the most relevant and actionable information. Gain visibility to specify who does what, when.

Vendor collaboration

Issue RFPs en masse, collate and compare responses and collaborate directly with sourcing partners through Centric’s vendor portal to co-develop products, increase sourcing efficiency and lower costs.

Visual sandbox environment

Whether for internal design, re-inspired design or market buying - define themes, capture inspiration on the move with mobile apps and start building collections in a visual sandbox environment.

Drive sustainability

Track sustainability and transparency initiatives. Document how suppliers meet environmental standards. Manufacture the right volume of demand-led products, reducing over-stocking and wastage.

Rapidly launch and update

Use templates to quickly start developing new products based on similar items. Mass update products already in production with Engineering Change Management to react to recalls and safety issues.

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Centric PLM

Modular, cloud-based PLM solution with built-in best practices for home décor and furniture teams. Connect teams from concept to replenishment with real-time actionable data in a single digital space.

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Enterprise Connectivity

Centric PLM seamlessly integrates with other enterprise platforms like ERP, e-commerce, PIM, DAM, compliance software, quality management software, 2D and 3D CAD design software and more.


Vendor Portal

Work with suppliers to benefit from their expertise and handle costs, schedules, samples, quality testing and documentation. Provide access to PLM data to streamline co-created product development.


3D PLM Connect

Connect many leading 3D CAD solutions like SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge and AutoCAD with PLM to kickstart product development, reduce physical sampling and free CAD designers to innovate original products.

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Adobe Connect

Give product designers the power to sketch and start building BOMs directly from Adobe® Illustrator with access to materials, colors and more from PLM. Seamlessly push designs from Illustrator to PLM.


Agile Deployment

SaaS cloud-based PLM solution for emerging enterprises that grows and evolves with your business. No IT team needed. Expand by doing more with the same resources and upgrade easily to Centric PLM.

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Centric SMB

SaaS cloud-based PLM solution for emerging enterprises that grows and evolves with your business. No IT team needed. Expand by doing more with the same resources and upgrade easily to Centric PLM.

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Centric Visual Boards

Connect teams remotely or at the office to make collaborative, actionable decisions with visual digital boards. Ideate designs, run buying sessions and showroom presentations and optimize assortments.

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Why is PLM critical for the home décor and furniture industry?

Trends in home décor and furniture change just as quickly as the fashion industry, and staying ahead of them is a real challenge. Home décor is hot on social media, the pandemic has created a new focus on the home environment, and the explosive growth of ecommerce has created a new breed of consumers who want the right product, right now. Consumers are used to buying ultra-personalized products on their phone and having them delivered anywhere in the world.

It’s not just consumers who are empowered by the online world. Digital disrupters are entering the home décor and furniture market, offering innovative products direct to consumers who, given the right product information and fast, reliable delivery dates, are willing to buy home décor and furniture products ‘sight unseen’. Many of these digitally native brands are also making the leap to bricks and mortar, and vice versa.

Increased competition places downward pressure on product margins, while consumer demand is accelerating the pace of new product introductions across multiple categories, geographies and channels. Remaining competitive in this ever-changing market means an increased workload and drastically increased complexity. Getting more ranges with more products to market on time while maintaining quality and brand value is the challenge. A home décor and furniture PLM system is the answer to the question, “How can we manage it all?”

Drive sustainable business practices with Centric PLM

Our solutions give home décor and furniture businesses the tools to implement, track and report initiatives that have a positive impact on the world. Set targets, monitor compliance, reduce waste and avoid unsold products. Let your customers see your commitment, ultimately boosting sales and brand loyalty with a transparent sustainability framework.

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