Interdesign Innovates to Better Manage Growth with Centric Home PLM


A tool to measure innovation

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities

High levels of user adoption


InterDesign grew over the years from a small entrepreneurial start-up to an international company. Along with that growth, came the requirement for faster product development timelines, better communication across departments with clearly defined hand-offs and a way to unify their disparate systems.

InterDesign has been developing innovative products that provide solutions for home organization since 1974. They have two main sales channels: e-commerce and retail. They are a worldwide leader in housewares and chose Centric 8 PLM to support their increasingly complex business to address all aspects of the total product.

After their Centric PLM implementation, all product information is in one accessible digital space. Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, and so is the total product at the front-end. And even more exciting, is a plan to measure innovation with metrics that will be housed in Centric 8 PLM.

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About InterDesign

InterDesign® began as a housewares design company in 1974 with a core goal in mind—to offer innovative storage products for the home at a reasonable price. They design products that provide solutions for organizing one’s everyday living space. The product solutions are designed for the bathroom, kitchen, pantry, closet, laundry room and more.

InterDesign is based in Solon, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. They have grown to be a global leader in housewares with distribution facilities in North East Ohio, Europe, China and Japan, selling to over 100 countries across multiple continents.





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