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Centric PLM Powers Digital Transformation at Lever Style


Efficient communication

Faster costings

Transparent data


Apparel supply partner, Lever Style, were lacking a consistent process for collaboration across departments, and with suppliers. This caused a lot of wasted time and data was often duplicated and prone to errors.

As part of the company’s digital transformation strategy, Lever Style implemented Centric Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to centralize processes, increase transparency and improve communication internally and with customers.

“The way Centric PLM works is very concise, clear and easy to understand. We can now get the information we need much more efficiently. Any time we want to find any information, Bill of Materials (BOMs) or costings, it is very easy to find what we need,” explains Robin Li, Account Manager at Lever Style.

With Centric Software PLM in place, Lever Style are saving a lot of communication time as all teams are working from the same cloud-based platform. There is full data transparency and teams can find what they need in Centric PLM. Lever Style can seamlessly connect Centric PLM to their ERP and their customers.

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Company bio

Lever Style have been making on-trend products continuously for over 60 years. As an Asia based multi-category vendor, Lever Style offer a wide range of services and solutions for apparel design, development and manufacturing needs.





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