Woolworths Reduces Admin by 15-20% Thanks to Centric PLM™

Woolworths Reduces Admin by 15-20% Thanks to Centric PLM™


15-20% reduction in admin

One single source of truth

Beacon Project delivered on time & under budget


Woolworths is one of the biggest retailers in the Southern Hemisphere and in spite of their history of success, they needed a digital transformation solution to address challenges. Teams were working on different systems, and an outdated Product Data Management System (PDM) resulted in an overreliance on email and Excel as well as duplication of work. Lack of traceability and standardized business processes was causing teams to lose valuable time.

However, thanks to implementing Centric Software®’s innovative Product Lifestyle Management (PLM), Woolworths is experiencing transformational change across the entire business. Centric PLM’s single source of truth is driving significant improvements in collaboration, visibility, and costing efficiencies.

Discover how Woolworths is able to save time and resources, utilizing groundbreaking innovations within Centric PLM such as:

  • Cutting-edge ‘out of the box’ features that fully support cross team collaboration and remote working
  • One single source of truth providing clear information for all departments and enabling seamless admin and communication between teams
  • Increased agility to take quicker decisions regarding product or supply chains
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Company bio

At Woolworths, QUALITY is their DNA, it’s their philosophy, it’s how they’re wired. It’s what they do, and how they do it, since 1931. They are a business led by their values, with every customer they serve, every product they sell, every decision they make, bringing quality to life.

Woolworths offers a unique blend of food, fashion, beauty, homeware and financial services. The first Woolworths store opened its doors to the public in Cape Town in October 1931 and Woolworths prides itself on being a values-driven organization that strives to go to market first with what matters. With a team of over 31,000 people in South Africa, over 43,000 people across the Group in the Southern Hemisphere, and a comprehensive product mix, it is an understatement to say their business model is complex.


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