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Expand Market-Responsive Product Ranges, Fast

Managing branded and private label food and beverage and non-food product mixes across a vast range of categories while maintaining high quality, compliance and safety standards is a serious challenge for hypermarket and grocery retailers. Understanding what to make, how to make it, where to sell it, when to sell it and for how much are key questions.

Hypermarket and grocery retailers need to stay close to consumers to adapt quickly to changes such as the growing demand for organic, sustainable and plant-based products and the pandemic-driven expansion of ready meals and prepared food, click-and-collect online shopping and home deliveries.

Centric PLM’s innovative digital solutions empower retail transformation and brand longevity by empowering teams to innovate and increase product variety across more categories, available in more markets, faster. Centric PLM provides one place to manage all product assortments from fashion/apparel to home/consumer electronics to food & beverage (both own-brand and national brands). Develop a solid digital foundation to keep up with market pressures, consumer demand for transparency and sustainability, labeling and technical requirements, endless regulations and the need for a constant flow of new products.

Optimize complex assortments

Build a bridge to consumers through proper category planning. Gain visibility into market basket attributes across categories to optimize shelf space.

Centralize assortment plans to establish targets, track in-season progress, pinpoint under-performing products and optimize assortments, fast.

Strategically design product offers, run ‘what-if’ cost scenarios in a sandbox environment and align assortment strategies with financial goals.

Collaborate to speed time to market

Configurable platform for product-related data provides a ‘single source of truth’ to enhance team collaboration and co-development with suppliers.

Build flexible workflows to automatically lead users through each step of the product lifecycle with task hand-offs, alerts and notifications.

Cut duplicated work, data entry and admin. Personalized, role-specific views and reports empower users to take actionable decisions, fast.

Launch innovative new products

Develop private label products quickly. Use templates to generate product briefs and create detailed specifications to share with suppliers.

Leverage mobile apps to capture competitive information and product testing feedback from the market as inputs across different lines and labels.

Integrate with databases such as USDA and CIQUAL to automatically populate food and beverage product briefs with ingredient nutritional values.

Streamline sourcing and supplier co-creation

Create detailed RFPs to gather information such as buying price, lead times and MOQs and share en masse with prospective suppliers.

Visual, color-coded, comparisons of responses and configurable criteria such as up-to-date audits make it easy to identify the most suitable supplier.

Integrated workflow management guides internal teams and suppliers through development, sampling, quality control, revisions and product finalization.

Efficiently develop private label packaging

Use templates to quickly generate packaging briefs. Auto-populate with data such as ingredients, weight, GTIN codes, images and country of origin.

Manage pricing, labeling and tagging of products destined for multiple markets in multiple currencies and languages.

Connect packaging designers directly to PLM with Adobe Illustrator® Connect, Centric 3D Connect and a proofing tool for revisions and approvals.

Reduce quality and compliance risks

Streamline quality control, sample reviews, final product inspections and factory audits with PLM-connected mobile apps and templates.

Link and track everything product-related, from concept to sourcing, compliance documents, packaging and placement in assortment and merchandise plans.

Food producers can integrate traceability to harvested food using systems such as HarvestMark (United States).

Our Solutions

Discover what makes Centric Software® innovations so unique

  • Centric PLM

    Market-driven, cloud-based PLM, packed with retail best practices. Flexible, scalable and modular, enabling you to configure and easily upgrade PLM as your business evolves. Digital transformation platform that connects teams from concept to replenishment to boost efficiency, productivity and speed.

    Centric PLM
  • Enterprise Connectivity

    Streamline end-to-end data management and collaboration. Centric PLM integrates easily with enterprise solutions such as ERP, PIM, DAM, e-commerce, formulation, demand planning, leading 2D and 3D CAD design platforms and more.

    End-to-End Connectivity
  • Centric PLM Mobile Apps

    Put the power of PLM in your pocket with 15 industry-specific mobile apps. From design inspiration to sample reviews, product testing, final product inspection, factory audits and retail storefront review, our apps capture information when and where you need it. Get your retail business on the move.

  • Centric Visual Boards

    Fully visual digital workspaces for collaboration and decision-making, connecting teams from anywhere. Includes Buying Boards to transform internal buying sessions and maximize retail value, Merchandising Board to optimize assortment planning and the Concept Board for evolving product concepts.

    Centric VIP Digital Boards
  • Product Sourcing

    Enable sourcing teams to easily compare suppliers, issue RFPs en masse, handle thousands of supplier design proposals and identify bottlenecks. Use high-volume sourcing to tackle challenges like margin compression, capacity constraints and maintaining compliance with ever-changing regulations.

  • 3D PLM Connect and Adobe® Connect

    Connect Adobe® Illustrator and leading 3D CAD solutions like SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD and many more directly to PLM for seamless product and packaging design. Generate briefs for external agencies and kickstart development with templates and PLM library data while working in familiar design environments.

  • Agile Deployment and Quick Start

    Immediately realize tangible benefits and even deploy remotely with Centric’s Agile Deployment methodology, delivering the fastest ROI in the industry. Quick Start packages get lean versions of PLM up and running in just days to connect remote teams and seamlessly respond to market disruption.

    Quick Start and Agile Deployment
  • Merchandise Planning

    Centralize merchandise development plans to align financial targets with assortment plans, automatically calculate how product costs affect margins and pricing, track progress against the in-season plan with up-to-date sales data and identify under-performing products boost profitability.

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Centric PLM End-to-End Connectivity Centric VIP Digital Boards Quick Start and Agile Deployment

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