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Centric PLM® and Retail Planning Speed Time to Market Without Compromising Design or Quality

Plan collections and assortments early. Leverage past styles. Refresh products to boost novelty. Optimize go-to-market.

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Efficiency, Creativity and Speed for Fashion Footwear

Footwear companies need to maintain growth targets and accurately read the consumer while handling cost and supply chain ambiguity, managing large volumes of data and creating new styles and innovations. Longer lead times mean that line planning, merchandising and product development have to be completed far earlier than for soft goods.

Centric PLM and Centric Retail Planning deliver greater efficiency, creativity and speed for footwear brands, retailers and manufacturers. Our solutions empower robust planning and product development to optimize the omnichannel experience, flexibly allocate inventory to improve sell-through and reduce time to market while maintaining quality and compatibility with industry product structure standards - even in high volume production.

Collaborate efficiently to speed time to market

Give everyone in the value chain reliable, centralized, real-time and actionable product information. Power team productivity and collaborate to speed planning and production cycles.

Rapidly issue supplier RFPs en masse and collaborate with suppliers on costs, schedules, samples, quality testing and documentation.

Manage materials, costing and product specifications more effectively.

Develop collections and assortments fast

Create collections fast by repurposing successful styles. Capa de Ozono cut product development time by 20% and launches 2x collections with Centric.

Forecast demand more accurately to cut overproduction. Make sampling smarter, less wasteful and more cost-effective with integrated 3D design capabilities.

Accurately cost collections using historical and actual data, personalized dashboards and detailed reports. Leverage machine learning and AI for deep insights to drive decision-making.

Work faster, smarter and on the move

Eliminate spreadsheets, emails and manual data entry tasks to streamline product planning, design, development and launch.

Use PLM-connected mobile apps to capture and upload information during supplier meetings, sample reviews and retail presentations.

Create standardized Bills of Materials (BOMs) quickly with detailed and accurate color and material libraries.

Improve product margins and meet MOQs

Control costs and maximize product margins with what-if scenarios, rapid supplier comparisons and tighter supplier collaboration.

Gain visibility of all color and materials quantities required across all styles. Negotiate early order commitments for better prices.

Define financial targets, plan comparable sales and align with category plans to define optimal purchase and inventory levels. Move inventory easily to where it’s needed to boost sell-through.

Promote sustainable business practices

Digitize the supply chain to support responsible, transparent and efficient production.

Track compliance, ethical and sustainability certifications. Audit factories and monitor compliance easily through mobile apps.

Plan accurately to only produce what you need. Use augmented intelligence tools to get the right products to the right channels, at the right time to cut overstocking and waste.

Make ideal products, at your quality standards

Assess the feasibility of new products and free design teams from admin to focus on creating great footwear collections for multiple channels.

Drive quality and efficiency with greater alignment between design, development and production teams.

Unleash creativity with mobile solutions and the ability to work seamlessly in native 2D and 3D design environments while connected with Centric PLM.

Our Solutions

Discover what makes Centric Software® innovations so unique

  • Centric PLM

    Innovative modular PLM solution with out-of-the-box functionality that combines Silicon Valley tech with industry best practices. Streamlines product development and launch from concept to retail with a single, actionable, real-time version of truth, boosting productivity, collaboration and control.

    Centric PLM
  • Centric Retail Planning

    Stand-alone end-to-end planning solution that covers financial, merchandise and in-season planning. Can be integrated with PLM to speed planning and production cycles​ and optimize the omnichannel experience.

  • Enterprise Connectivity

    Leverage PLM data throughout the business for greater efficiency. Easily connect Centric PLM and Centric Retail Planning with software including 3D CAD and 2D design applications, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), e-commerce, PIM (Product Information Management), DAM (Data Asset Management) and quality management software.

    End-to-End Connectivity
  • Centric 3D Connect

    Connect leading 3D CAD solutions like SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD and many more directly to PLM so CAD designers and engineers can work seamlessly in their native environment. Reduce physical samples, ideate faster, streamline sample reviews and push photo-realistic products to e-commerce channels.

  • Adobe® Illustrator Connect

    Sketch, seamlessly access materials and colors and start building BOMs from within Adobe® Illustrator. Empower design and product development teams with creative, technical and production details from PLM libraries while working in Adobe® Illustrator so they can focus on creating original products.

  • Centric PLM Mobile Apps

    PLM-connected mobile apps enable teams to work any time, from anywhere, cut tedious data entry and encourage collaboration with intuitive, social features. Field-test products, conduct quality reviews, audit factories, capture inspiration, carry out competitive analysis and more on the go.

  • Agile Deployment

    Centric’s unique Agile Deployment methodology gets customers up and running in months or even weeks, and can even be deployed remotely. Quickly see tangible benefits with the fastest return on investment in the industry. Minimize the total cost of ownership, simplify data migrations and update easily.

    Quick Start and Agile Deployment
  • Centric Visual Boards

    Highly visual digital workspaces that connect worldwide teams to make collaborative, actionable decisions in real time. Ideate products/collections, track and collect product data, orders and pre-buys, and enable central and regional merchandising teams to work together on initial and final assortments.

    Centric VIP Digital Boards
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Centric PLM End-to-End Connectivity Quick Start and Agile Deployment Centric VIP Digital Boards

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