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2023 Activewear Pricing Insights Report

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Activewear continues to be a consistently high-performing subset of apparel. But to get the most detailed and accurate view of this landscape, it’s essential to dive deep into the buying habits of consumers as well as the pricing strategies of some of the biggest names in the sector.

In 2023, which sub-category proved to be a hidden gem with high interest and low markdowns? Did men’s or women’s activewear have higher sell-out rates? Which running shoe brands are seeing the greatest rise in search volume? Insights like these and more provide a launching-off point for future decision-making.

This skimmable report, filled with colorful charts and graphs and nuggets of actionable takeaways, is easily broken down by country, covering either the US or equal parts of the UK, Germany and Sweden to provide a snapshot of key information. Gain the knowledge to fully understand today’s activewear landscape and its implications for pricing and assortment decision-making.

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