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Giving Eyewear Businesses 20/20 Vision

Whether consumers are choosing designer sunglasses, picking up a spare pair of reading glasses or getting prescription lenses fitted by an optometrist, glasses are an expression of personal style. Glasses frames are now as varied and unique as any other fashion accessory, and eyewear brands, retailers and manufacturers are under pressure to regularly produce new collections.

Creating collections of different frame shapes, each appearing in a variety of materials, sizes and colors, quickly generates complexity that becomes unmanageable with spreadsheets, emails and siloed data storage. In an industry requiring high levels of precision and accuracy, errors can be costly. Eyewear brands are likely to also face the issue of managing and collaborating with licensing partners.

Centric PLM enables your teams and external partners to access a real-time ‘single source of truth’ on a collaborative digital product development platform. Eliminate spreadsheets and manual data entry, gain high-level visibility to optimize complex collections and free up time to innovate, ultimately lowering production costs and improving time to market to boost revenue and top-level growth.

Manage complex product ranges

Handle large collections with a complex variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Integrated 3D CAD functions streamline design and reduce physical sampling.

Revolutionize workflow processes in order to easily manage added product complexity with the same number of staff and resources.

Eliminate errors, duplication and manual SKU creation with product development templates, built-in workflows and a single source of truth.

Optimize costs to improve product margins

Deep dive into pricing, supplier comparisons, material costs and product margins to lower production costs.

Improve supplier communication to reduce rework, eliminate mistakes and better manage production specs.

Digitize sampling to reduce the waste and cost of physical samples with Centric PLM’s 3D CAD capabilities.

Speed time to market

Streamlined communication and collaboration accelerates product development by avoiding costly bottlenecks, errors and delays.

Personalized dashboards and configurable reports give users top-down overviews and bottom-up details to make data-driven decisions.

Track, report and capture information across suppliers, partners and/or customers in one place to gain agility and adapt quickly.

Ensure quality, safety and compliance

Quality control and auditing capabilities reduce risk by ensuring compliance with regional regulations and quality, ethical and sustainability guidelines.

Auto-update mass product changes with engineering change management to reduce manual work and respond quickly to safety or quality issues.

Guarantee consistency and quality in licensing arrangements, whether your business is the licensee, licensor or producing to a licensee/sor’s spec.

Boost innovation to improve top level growth

Cut admin tasks so teams can focus on innovating products, controlling costs and strategically expanding your business presence.

Giving teams the ability to do much more with the same resources improves product margins, revenue and top-level growth.

Embed efficiency and quality from merchandise planning to product launch, leveraging built-in eyewear industry best practices.

Maximize retail value in every marketplace

Easily localize and adapt product information by geography and channel.

Collaborate in digital workspaces with local teams for high-value presentation at retail and wholesale.

Optimize collection presentations across wholesale, retail and e-commerce to maximize retail value.

Our Solutions

Discover what makes Centric Software® innovations so unique

  • Centric PLM

    Highly configurable, modular PLM solution with industry best practices built in. Streamlines end-to-end product development, collection management and launch for any type of business set-up, including managing multiple brands, creating private label eyewear or companies licensing out their brand.

    Centric PLM
  • Enterprise Connectivity

    Easily connect Centric PLM with platforms such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), e-commerce, PIM (Product Information Management), DAM (Data Asset Management), quality management software, 2D and 3D CAD design software and more, leveraging PLM data throughout the business for greater efficiency.

    End-to-End Connectivity
  • Centric 3D Connect

    Connect PLM with top 3D CAD solutions like SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD and many more, enabling CAD designers and engineers to work seamlessly in their native environment. Ideate faster, push photo-realistic frame images to e-commerce and in-store, streamline sample reviews and reduce physical sampling.

    Centric 3D Connect
  • Adobe® PLM Connect

    Sketch, seamlessly access materials and colors and start building out product specs from within Adobe® Illustrator. Liberate creative teams to focus on creating original eyewear designs consumer will love with access to details from PLM libraries while working on their preferred software platform.

  • Centric PLM Mobile Apps 

    Intuitive and social PLM-connected mobile apps enable teams to feed information back to PLM and collaborate from anywhere, any time. Capture inspiration and competitive information, field-test products, conduct quality reviews, audit suppliers and more - no need to enter data back at the office.

  • Agile Deployment

    Immediately realize benefits, minimize the total cost of ownership and upgrade easily. Centric’s unique Agile Deployment(SM) methodology offers the fastest ROI in the industry and can be deployed remotely. Need to connect teams now? Quick Start packages get lean PLM solutions up and running in just days.

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Centric PLM End-to-End Connectivity Centric 3D Connect

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“One of our biggest challenges is the sheer volume of information we have for each product, from the very beginning to the end of the product lifecycle. We faced a decision of either attempting to customize our ERP or finding an existing solution to streamline our end-to-end workflow, we found Centric Fashion PLM — which is, without a doubt the best tool on the market in terms of usability and flexibility.”

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