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Centric Manufacturing PLM Supports Sustainability

As consumer demand for sustainable and eco-conscious products increases, Centric Manufacturing PLM helps OEM/ODM manufacturers to support their brand and retail partners with corporate sustainability goals and meet higher expectations of standards in sustainability, traceability, labor practices, fair trade and compliance.

Let’s Go Green!


Industry Challenges for Sustainable Production

Changing consumer demand for more sustainable products is creating new challenges for manufacturers. Brand and retail partners need increased traceability of raw materials and visibility into the supply chain to make sure their products are meeting consumer demands as more and more consumers are purchasing in line with their values. This means manufacturers are required to generate new compliance reports and need increased product data visibility at every stage of production.

Manufacturers may be requested to source eco-friendly alternative materials without affecting customers’ margins. Brand partners are making public commitments to maintain sustainable practices and hold manufacturers to account in terms of materials, fair trade, labor laws, compliance and environmental impacts, and manufacturers need to hold up their end of the bargain.

Sustainable production is not just a trend– it’s good business. Improved sourcing, environmental and labor practices contribute to the overall health, profitability and sustainability of your business, and Centric Manufacturing PLM is the digital foundation manufacturers need to meet
sustainability goals in a changing world.


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