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Introducing Centric VIP’s Digital Concept Board

Transform design ideation with innovative, collaborative digital boards. Connect design, merchandising, technical and production teams with this game-changing, visual innovation for touch-based devices like tablets, touchscreen televisions or via a web application to drive product innovation and creativity, while collapsing time to market.


Creatively driven, in a business context. Business driven, in a creative context. Or both.

Teams across all departments including design, merchandising and production/sourcing are able to use the Digital Concept Board as a digital sandbox for creative-play and what-iffing for collection development for apparel, shoes, bags and other accessories.


  • Build collection structure using placeholders for design to create product options.
  • Outline target styles, price points, materials and/or colors as needed.
  • Visualize products, materials, collections and assortments as they develop, giving full visibility into the collection development process.
  • Bridge technical execution and financial planning.


  • Freely create new designs from inspirations, mood boards, web pages or pull from existing PLM or other libraries (without knowing it!)
  • Drag & drop colors, sketches, materials, photos and more, to build designs and capture design intent for individual products and collections.
  • Share only what you want.
  • Eliminate paper-based tasks, spreadsheets and rework.
  • Marry creative, technical and business expertise.

A Free Space for Digital Sandboxing

Drive creative brainstorming with real-time product data to streamline collaboration across design, merchandising and product development.

Empower creative and technical teams to explore creative and innovative ideas and work on ’what if’ scenarios that only pushdecisions to production once ready.

Teams can be located in the same room or around the world,andas Centric VIP is system-agnostic, information can be drawn from Centric 8 PLM or other business systems such as ERP, PIM, DAM, etc.or even another PLM.

Ideate without limit and evolve concepts to maturity with contrivutions from the right experts

Give full visibility into collection status

Give full visibility into collection status

View collections in multiple ways: by material, style, shape, color, sizes –to ensure aesthetic balance and sales appeal. Design reviews take place in a connected, collaborative spaceso you always have thelatest information, can track changes and can easily make updates that are shared in real-time.

Boost creativity and design innovation

Boost creativity and design innovation

Set creative direction early to make the best products possible and speed time from idea to market. Connect creative, merchandising and production teams to evolve the line as development continues.

Get rid of Post-its and foam core boards madness

Get rid of Post-its and foam core board madness!

With this modern, very visual, touch-based way of working, all information is connected and updated in real time, significantly improving communication and cross-departmental collaboration. Allow for creative freedom outside the confines of enterprise rigid systems and enhance user experience.

Push execution to PLM

Push execution to PLM

No additional data entry or rework or admin. Stop losing time!

Centric VIP is a family of boards, each dedicated to different phase of the go to market process, each highly configurable and easy to use.

Click on the screens below to find out more and stay tuned… we’ve many more to come!

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If your PLM software isn’t easy to use your teams won’t use it, so your company won’t reap the benefits. Give us 60 minutes and you’ll see why Centric comprehensive, out-of the box system is the easiest-to-use PLM software platform on the market.