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Introducing the Centric Visual Concept Board

Transform design ideation into collections with this game-changing, visual innovation that allows designers to easily create material, colors, sketches and combine them to develop collections with minimal effort. Connect design, merchandising, technical and production teams to drive product innovation and creativity and collapse time to market.


Fuel Creativity with the Visual Concept Board

Transform design and merchandise ideation into collections with innovative collaborative digital boards 

  • Align financial strategy, collection structure and product offer​
  • Combine creative, technical and business expertise in a visual, collaborative and intuitive way with full visibility into the collection development process
  • Bridge financial planning, creativity and technical execution
  • Develop collection structure, add placeholders for ideation & what-if scenarios creating from new or adding from existing libraries​
  • Visualize collection, gather feedback, review.
  • Finalize & pass to PLM for execution.
  • Align teams, save time and reduce re-work while optimizing collections

Sandboxing with Structure

Connect design, merchandising, technical and production teams with this game-changing, visual innovation via a web application to drive product innovation and creativity, while collapsing time to market.

Drive creative brainstorming with real-time product data to streamline collaboration across design, merchandising and product development.

Empower creative and technical teams to explore creative and innovative ideas and work on ’what if’ scenarios that only push decisions to production once ready.

Teams can be located in the same room or around the world, and as Centric Visual Boards are system-agnostic, information can be drawn from Centric PLM or other business systems such as ERP, PIM, DAM, etc. or even another PLM.

Align collection structure to financial goals and ideate without limit

Give full visibility into collection status

BUILD collection structure ​

Build collection structure using placeholders for design to create product options.

Develop strategy and direction for each season, department and collection

Get rid of Post-its and foam core boards madness

ADD product options

Digitally capture design intent and inspiration ​

Quickly create and import styles, materials, and colors in sandbox environment


Boost creativity and design innovation

VISUALIZE & ANALYZE collection in progress​

Drive creative brainstorming with real time transparent information​

Sandbox assortments with real-time production data 


Push execution to PLM

INITIATE collection in PLM

Selectively promote concepts and  publish updates to PLM​

Collapse time to market with production visibility

Centric Visual Boards are a family of boards, each dedicated to different phase of the go to market process, each highly configurable and easy to use.

Click below to find out more and stay tuned… we’ve many more to come!

Digital Buying Board

Visual Showroom Board

Revolutionize Retail & Wholesale Buys: Define global offers and assortment strategy, then conduct wholesale and retail buying sessions online to develop regional buys by channel/store/zone and more.

Visual Line Planning Board

Visual Assortment Board

Streamline Go to Market decision-making with assortment presentations, online and in real time, with dynamic, shareable roll-ups and reports.

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