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Introducing the Visual Assortment Board

Transform traditional merchandise and assortment planning.  Optimize assortment creation and in season management by enhancing the collaboration process, enabling data-driven decisions and providing immediate insights to impacts on revenue and margins based on assortment decisions. This highly intuitive, visual platform connects with multiple systems so data is bidirectionally updated-no more chasing outdated spreadsheets!

Plan for Success

Effective Go-to-Market Meetings Are Critical to Product Success

Go-to-market meetings are essential for presenting the product offer to all sales and field teams so they can understand line plans, give input and, in turn, sell. The lengthy and tedious process of preparing product designs, colors, materials, product features, pricing and other product details for presentation at go-to-market meetings is long, laborious and centered around limited displays of physical prototypes. It is impossible to pivot information to view it from different perspectives, what-if and track changes in real time. Meeting outputs are noted by hand and can be difficult or impossible to execute.

Optimize Assortments with Truly Collaborative Planning with the Centric Visual Assortment Board:

  • Connect financial, merchandising, collection and product data from multiple systems
  • Access internal, external and co-developed designs, product details, 2D/3D imagery and media
  • Create and associate products, data, materials, colors and images to placeholders easily with drag and drop
  • Present assortments and make bidirectional system updates live during go-to market meetings
  • Analyze assortments in real time to ensure the achievement of KPI’s and targets
  • Drive dynamic roll-up reporting and interactive PDF Line Sheets
people using visual line planning board

Seamless Sharing Enables Data- and Design-Driven Decisions

group of people

Gather central & regional merchandising teams, country/channel/regional managers, sales staff, product developers and more to pare down early stage collections to final stage.

multiple systems

Make decisions based on information from multiple systems such as PLM, ERP, demand planning, PIM and more…

decision making process

Assort collections in multiple ways simultaneously to drive good decision making. Focus on work, not technology with a highly visual, easy to use, flexible, industry-driven interface.

speed to market

Save time on go-to-market preparation, meetings and follow-up to meet deadlines by cutting out non-value added work.

product and collection input

Give teams the information they need to give product and collection input, rolled up in real time for fast execution.


Work online or in person. Create dynamic, printable reports to share remotely, drive meetings and follow up with decision-making contributors.

See it in action

Optimize Assortments with Truly Collaborative Planning

Transform data driven assortment plans into a visually dynamic assorting tool for product reviews, visual merchandising & campaigns.
Prep go to market meetings in virtual showroom with hundreds or thousands of products and enhance decision-making process.
Analyze & pivot products in real-time using product details & customs tags for enhanced grouping, sorting & filtering live during go-to market meeting reviews.
Drive & deliver live dynamic, printable reports with exported grouped views in a PDF format– eliminating need to manually create visual line sheets. Assign action items using custom tags and pass for execution.
Reduce a multi-day process to minutes with time-saving features, enhanced collaboration and better decision-making.
Protect in-season work with financial guardrails and integrate data from different systems for a more rounded view.

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