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Centric Software PLM X CLO, Browzwear and EFI Optitex

Centric Software revolutionizes Fashion PLM with native, end-to-end 3D product design and development integration to multiple market-leading systems.

Ride the 3D Wave


Revolutionize 3D Product Design and Development

Centric Software developed a 3D agnostic strategy so that information flows seamlessly between multiple 3D applications and Centric PLM.

Centric continues to pursue closer integration of 3D technology within PLM allowing designers to work in their native 3D environment while connected directly to Centric PLM to harness the power of 3D at every stage of the product lifecycle.

3D Connect integrates with all leading 3D apparel design and development CAD solutions including Browzwear, Optitex and Clo 3D.

3D Product Design


Why do companies choose Centric 3D Connect?

Centric 3D Connect is a market-driven innovation that frees designers and product development teams to iterate more designs, faster. Realistic product visualization and sample reviews drive better decisions about which products to move forward for development while lowering costs, saving time and reducing the environmental impact by limiting physical samples.

Reduce Time to Market

Rapidly accelerate time to market with a seamless 3D workflow

Centric Software’s 3D Connect makes Centric 8 PLM the hub of all 3D activity.

Bridge the gap between designers, technical designers, 3D modelers, merchandisers, sourcing, suppliers and even presentation at wholesale & retail with 3D renderings accessible in one centralized digital space.

Reduce Time to Market

Empower true collaborative design to eliminate bottlenecks

Enable 3D designers and product developers to seamlessly work in their native 3D CAD environment while connected to product information in Centric PLM.

Easily and quickly connect and share views of 3D renderings from 3D apparel design and development CAD solutions for use with Centric PLM throughout the supply chain.

Reduce Time to Market

Support rapid prototyping and digital fit reviews to reduce costs

Reduce the cost and environmental waste of physical samples while dramatically reducing the time it takes to iterate product proposals.

Visualize different materials, textures, draping, graphics, logos, style details and fit on 3D mannequins instead of fit models to refine designs and collections faster, assess more proposals at one time and speed decision making.

Reduce Time to Market

Share 3D renderings across the supply chain for faster and more accurate product development

Easily share realistic 3D materials and product designs with suppliers for more accurate and faster vendor proposals.

Push 3D product renderings directly to e-commerce channels and other digital catalogs to eliminate costly and time-consuming product photoshoots.

Reduce Time to Market

Showcase new products to wholesalers and retailer buyers sooner for early-stage feedback

Share 3D product renderings earlier in the development phase to kick-start buying sooner.

Use early stage feedback from wholesalers and retailers to refine products and increase products launch success and improve sales.

The Market Speaks

Meet 3D Connect CAD Solution Providers

Browzwear’s pioneering 3D solutions for apparel design, development and merchandising are the key to a successful digital product lifecycle. Through the power of beautiful, true-to-life 3D, designers, developers, production and marketing can now collaborate effectively to get creative products to market faster than ever before. With Browzwear, brands and retailers around the world are connecting people and processes, reducing iterations and samples, and merchandising garments even before they are produced.

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CLO Virtual Fashion is a world leader in 3D garment simulation technology. With more than 10 years of research and development in garment simulation, we envision our technology to become not only the tool to create virtual garments, but also the platform to provide valuable data about garments, designs, and trends,by virtualizing every garment on Earth.

CLO Virtual fashion is a global company with offices in New York, Munich, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Banglore.

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We have the best mission in the world – helping you get faster to market while improving your products’ quality.

From design to production – we specialize in digital innovation. Our groundbreaking software solutions include 2D design and 3D visualization platforms that cover the entire supply chain, create efficient workflows, and shorten time to market.

How do we do it?
By celebrating digital innovation.

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