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Welcome to the World of PLM for the Fashion Industry

Centric Fashion PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) was built hand-in-hand with leading fashion brands, fashion retailers and fashion manufacturers of all sizes, for all sectors from apparel to shoes to accessories, cosmetics, eyewear, luxury, denim, leather goods and everything in between.


The fashion industry is dynamic, creative and in constant evolution. Time to trend matters and the level of SKU (stock keeping unit) complexity is higher than ever due to the wide range of materials, styles and sizes needed for each product.

Centric Software is the market leader in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and here, we share what we know about PLM, why PLM for fashion and PLM systems for apparel matter and how best practices by type of product and type of company can have a big impact.

Fashion PLM is now a must-have due to the strategic and operational benefits it offers; learn why.

PLM Basics

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the digital backbone for product design, merchandising, development and sourcing from concept to retail, linking together both internal and external teams & partners.

Hmm… what else?

Centric Fashion PLM Solutions

Using fashion PLM software, fashion brands and fashion retailers of all sizes manage all product data with a ‘single version of the truth’ to keep up with global trends and changing consumer expectations. Save time and money.

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The Market Speaks

Leading fashion brands, retailers and manufacturers talk about Centric Fashion PLM. Who uses Centric PLM? What benefits do they experience? How did they know that Centric is the right partner for them?

Find out what they say


The fashion industry is a broad term encompassing many different disciplines, ways of working and types of expertise. Your PLM solution and your PLM vendor should have experience in your specific fashion or apparel sector.

You need a fashion PLM solution and a fashion PLM partner with deep expertise in apparel PLM software and PLM systems for the fashion industry, technology innovations including mobile apps and digital boards, and vertical-specific best practices to truly optimize product design, development, merchandising, sourcing, manufacturing and retail. The types of products you design, develop and sell have a profound impact on the way teams work, lead times, product margins and more. You need a PLM solution that can be configured and can change depending on company goals and strategies.

Fashion Brands and Fashion Retailers

Keep pace with trends, reduce time to market and innovate product designs, merchandising, development and launch with PLM software specifically for the fashion industry. Bring exciting products to market while streamlining operations, eliminating endless spreadsheets and time spent hunting for correct information.

What are the benefits of PLM for fashion brands and fashion retailers?

Luxury Brands and Retailers

Balance creativity and commerce by streamlining operations to reduce time to market and costs while keeping focus on values, traditions and quality. Leverage PLM innovations and protect brand DNA to stay focused on amazing products, quality of execution and delighting consumers.

How can luxury benefit from PLM & best practices?

Fashion Footwear

Better manage shortened time to market, increased SKU complexity and fresh product designs while juggling rising raw materials costs and controlling quality across an increasingly global and diverse value chain. Meet deadlines more easily and keep teams focused on their core areas of expertise.

Put the right foot forward with PLM

Manufacturers: OEM & ODM

Optimize communications and information sharing with brands, retailers and subcontractors, control tech pack revisions, harmonize information to reduce mistakes, improve product quality, track cost of goods sold and work to shorter timelines all while keeping an eye on costs and deliverables.

Drive production with PLM


Leverage creative design and technical engineering to create the perfect quality fit with trend-right styles that get to market quickly while reducing costs, strengthening your supply chain, eradicating errors and creating styles customers want. Easily manage fabrics, laces and trims for amazing products.

Why is PLM the perfect foundation?

Eyewear, Jewelry & Accessories

Match technically demanding production with creative design for high-quality products that balance novelty and brand heritage while shortening product launch timelines. Reduce errors, eliminate tedious admin work and hunting through endless spreadsheets and other files. Improve product margins.

See better & sparkle with PLM

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