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Fashion and apparel

Create Sustainable Collections, Speed Time to Market and Drive Growth.

Digitally transform retail planning and product design, development and launch with Centric PLM® and Retail Planning. Respond to market shifts and increase agility to get close to consumers, boost innovation and optimize supply chains.

Discover how fashion, apparel and footwear teams orchestrate successful and optimized go-to-market with Centric PLM and Retail Planning

  • Brands & Retailers
  • Direct to Consumer
  • Manufacturers
  • Luxury
  • Footwear
  • Denim
  • Lingerie & Swim
  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Eyewear
  • Leather Goods

The fashion business is complex. Streamline collaboration with Centric's product concept to consumer solutions.

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  • Boost efficiency with one version of truth

    Transform global collaboration with a single version of truth. Synchronize from financial planning to product execution and placement at retail to optimize selling, product mix, pricing and inventory, driven by actionable, real-time data and analytics.

  • Remove bottlenecks to speed time to market

    Cut manual data entry, spreadsheets and errors, giving planning and product teams the time and resources to innovate fast. Align strategic decision-making with operational execution to maximize business performance.

  • Connect and collaborate from anywhere

    Work remotely or in the office, online or offline. Capture inspiration and collaborate on the move with mobile apps, and even work in PLM from Slack, Teams and other social chat platforms.

  • Lower COGS and improve product margins

    Optimize planning, inventory and replenishment. Run ‘what-if’ scenarios to reduce supplier, shipping and production costs. Co-create with suppliers to improve margins.

  • Drive sustainability and reduce waste

    Improve supply chain transparency and satisfy environmentally and ethically conscious consumers. Prevent waste and cut the costs of overproduction by doing more with lower inventory levels, reacting flexibly to move products exactly where needed.

  • Control quality with clear communication

    Create consistent product specs to ease communication and reduce costly rework. Handle complex compliance docs and factory audits. Monitor product AQL and easily compare supplier performance.

  • Increase product innovation and variety

    Free up resources to launch new product categories or collections across new channels and geographies. Leverage machine learning and augmented intelligence deep insights that drive targeted, efficient collection development.

  • Retain talent with innovative tools

    Engage employees with value-added activities by removing boring admin work and data entry. Modern, innovative processes let staff connect other digital tools with PLM and work from anywhere.

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12,500+ fashion, apparel & footwear brands use Centric to boost productivity, innovation and growth

“The powerful capabilities of Centric PLM and the professional abilities of the Centric team are impressive. Centric PLM will help our e-commerce team save time, improve efficiency, control costs, speed up R&D and new product launch times. The project will lay the foundation for future development.”

Mr Li
Head of e-commerce

Centric PLM centralizes all information, from the moment it’s entered, which allows me to locate size tables from previous seasons and just copy and paste if the product is being renewed - no need to rewrite everything. It really is a huge time saver.”

Night Designer,

How does Centric PLM help fashion, apparel and footwear teams?

Our intuitive, out-of-the-box, cloud-based solution replaces spreadsheets and emails with one real-time version of truth. Accurately manage products from concept to retail, collaborate with suppliers and leverage reporting to respond to consumer demand, make strategic decisions and drive growth.

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Cloud-based platform

Connect people, products and processes to collaborate globally in real time. Eliminate version control and data entry errors. Ensure everyone from sales to suppliers is in sync.

User-friendly interface

Onboard users easily with visual and intuitive Excel-like interface. Delivers fastest time to value and highest user adoption rate (100%) and customer satisfaction rate (97%) in the industry.

Mobile and social PLM

Consumers won't wait. Neither should you, your suppliers and retail partners. Collaborate, update and work on the move with industry-first mobile apps and social chat features.

Personalized dashboard data

Give users the information, analysis and tools they need to make effective decisions and work efficiently. Slice and dice data for any role, fast. Specify and track who does what, when.

2D & 3D design integration

Cutting-edge Adobe® Illustrator connector and CAD-agnostic integration with major 3D platforms empower design and product development teams to use tools they love while connected with PLM.

Industry-leading innovation

Vertical-specific best practices meet market-driven Silicon Valley innovation. Make smarter decisions and streamline work with AI, machine learning, 3D, visual digital workspaces & more.

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Centric PLM

Cloud-based SaaS PLM with built-in industry best practices. Highly configurable and modular with mobile apps and market-leading digital boards.

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Centric Retail Planning

Available as a standalone solution or integrated with PLM. Six powerful modules orchestrate end-to-end go-to-market planning and product execution to manage assortments, maximize product margins and improve sell-through.

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Enterprise Connectivity

Easily integrates with platforms such as ERP, e-commerce, PIM, DAM, quality management software, 2D & 3D design software and more. Leverage PLM data throughout the business to boost efficiency.


Centric PLM 3D Connect

Connect major 3D CAD solutions like Browzwear, Optitex, SOLIDWORKS & CLO with PLM. Ideate faster, reduce physical samples, streamline sample reviews & push photo-realistic products to e-commerce.

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Adobe® Illustrator Connect

Empower design & product development teams to focus on creating original products. Sketch, seamlessly access materials, colors & styles from PLM and start building BOMs within Adobe® Illustrator.

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Centric PLM Mobile Apps

Capture inspiration, analyze competition, field-test products, control quality, audit factories & more on the go. Intuitive, social PLM-connected apps optimize UX, save time & encourage collaboration.

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Agile Deployment

Quickly see tangible benefits with the fastest ROI in the industry. Implement in months or even weeks, minimize total cost of ownership, simplify data migrations and even deploy remotely.

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Centric Visual Boards

Digital workspaces to transform collaborative decision-making. Concept Board drives innovation, Merchandising Board hones assortment planning software & Buying Boards optimize assortment presentation & sales.

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Centric SMB

SaaS cloud-based PLM solution for emerging enterprises. Expand retail and international presence, better manage product development and easily move to Centric PLM as your business evolves.

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Why are PLM and Retail Planning essential for the fashion and apparel industry?

Fashion is one of the most challenging industries in the world. It faces the same consumer, geo-political and financial shifts that other industries experience. But fashion must also react fast to ever-changing consumer-driven wishes, trends and shopping habits.

Remote work, direct to consumer & omnichannel, sustainability, brands with purpose and more are gaining traction. Consumers increasingly want access to transparent product and traceability information to ensure the brands and retailers they buy from are ethical businesses.

The internet has driven enormous changes in the fashion market. Now consumers can buy ultra-personalized products on their phone and have them delivered pretty much anywhere in the world, making their shopping choices essentially limitless.

It’s no wonder that fashion brands face three big challenges: keeping up a competitive pace, maintaining healthy product margins and ensuring on-point execution.

A fashion PLM solution addresses these challenges and more.

Power sustainable business practices with Centric PLM and Retail Planning

Centric solutions empower fashion and apparel companies to cut overproduction, improve demand forecasting to minimize waste and drive, track and report on initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment and the people who create their products.

Successful sustainability policies deliver increased sales and brand loyalty among consumers who choose consciously.

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See it in action! Discover how fashion, apparel and footwear companies innovate, collaborate and grow with Centric PLM.