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Fashion and Apparel Lingerie and swimwear brands

Balance Technicality and Creativity with Centric PLM and Retail Planning

Develop consumer-driven, inclusive products in many sizes, quickly. Maximize product margins. Never sacrifice quality or fit.

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Boost Agility, Detail, Precision and Responsiveness

Making lingerie and swimwear demands specialized skills and requires precise specifications, measurements and placing of laces, trims and fabrics. It’s challenging to develop varied product assortments at speed and maintain product quality.

On top of this, agile millennial players have entered the market. Retailers are evolving their intimates and swim assortments. This means product development cycles are shrinking, while demand for more styles at more price points is growing. Consumers want newness along with competitive pricing, sustainable & ethical business practices and more.

Centric PLM and Centric Retail Planning empower lingerie and swimwear brands to meet these challenges head on. Make product planning, merchandising and development more dynamic and efficient, enhance supplier collaboration, cut costs and reduce time to market without sacrificing the high quality and great fit that consumers expect.

Develop complex, diverse and inclusive size ranges

Easily manage complex size ranges for products such as bras and swim tops in the core size library with 2D BOMs.

Quickly re-use and iterate on popular basic designs from previous seasons.

Efficiently develop more complex products in more sizes with the ability to see how similar components fit in different sizes.

Use components and materials cost-effectively

Efficiently manage differently sized component materials with detailed and accurate trim and component libraries.

Minimize the opportunity for error when sourcing components with a single source of truth for internal teams and suppliers.

Gain visibility to align product development with financial targets, anticipate demand, compare pricing, negotiate better costs with suppliers and reduce wastage.

Streamline workflows and reduce errors

Mass update common Bill of Materials (BOM) information to similar styles for fast execution.

Ensure accuracy and reduce costly mistakes with, real-time, actionable data. Eliminate version control issues and time spent re-keying information.

Synchronize across planning, merchandising, design, product development and product execution teams to optimize selling, product mix and pricing.

Collaborate efficiently with suppliers

Instantly share a full size range of measurement points or multiple size charts with any number of suppliers.

Reduce product development time and production errors by collaborating with chosen suppliers through the supplier portal.

Track sustainability initiatives and reassure consumers that suppliers meet ethical and environmental expectations.

Improve margins on product packs with precise planning

Gain visibility to manage packs of multiple products such as underwear or swimwear more effectively.

Embed augmented intelligence to turn deep analytical data from planning and visual data from digital boards and PLM into data-driven decision-making.

Be agile and responsive to market trends to get new packs out quickly. Plan volumes accurately and optimize inventory allocation to reduce wastage and boost sell-through.

Leverage innovation to do more with resources

Adobe® Connect and 3D Connect free designers to create original products in Illustrator, CLO, Browzwear, Optitex and more while connected with PLM.

Collaborate in digital workspaces with local teams for high-value digital showroom presentations at retail and wholesale.

Use PLM-connected mobile apps to capture and upload information during supplier meetings, retail presentations, sample reviews and factory audits.

Our Solutions

Discover what makes Centric Software® innovations so unique

  • Centric PLM

    Flexible, modular PLM solution that provides a ‘single, actionable version of truth’ for all internal and external teams, streamlining end-to-end product development and launch from concept to consumer. Drive greater transparency, collaboration, efficiency and control with built-in best practices.

    Centric PLM
  • Centric Retail Planning

    Combine Retail Planning with PLM to supercharge end-to-end planning and product development. Align strategic decisions and operational execution across departments. Anticipate demand, increase sell-through and cut waste throughout the value chain.

  • Enterprise Connectivity

    Leverage PLM data throughout the business to boost efficiency. Centric PLM integrates easily with platforms like 2D and 3D CAD solutions, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), e-commerce, PIM (Product Information Management), DAM (Data Asset Management), quality management software and many more.

    End-to-End Connectivity
  • Centric 3D Connect

    Connect many leading 3D CAD solutions like Browzwear, SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD directly to PLM. Free designers to ideate fast and seamlessly, reduce physical samples and push photo-realistic products to e-commerce channels or in store. Enable teams to view & comment on 3D renderings in PLM.

  • Costing Capabilities

    Easily run ‘what-if’ costing scenarios to reduce material, shipping and production costs. Gain visibility to find the most cost-effective suppliers. Use Retail Planning to align financial targets with collection and assortment plans, generate realistic sales estimates and adjust plans in-season based on real-time, actionable data.

  • Centric PLM Mobile Apps

    Intuitive and social PLM-connected mobile apps enable teams to capture inspiration, analyze the competition, field-test products, conduct quality reviews, audit factories and more on the move. Collaborate and contribute from anywhere while reducing time wasted rekeying info at the office.

  • Agile Deployment

    Implement fast and flexibly to benefit from the fastest ROI in the industry with Centric’s unique Agile Deployment methodology. Need to connect teams remotely right now? Respond to market disruptions and get up and running with a lean version of PLM in just days with Quick Start packages.

    Quick Start and Agile Deployment
  • Centric Visual Boards

    Connect worldwide teams to make collaborative decisions in real time with highly visual digital workspaces. Includes Concept Board to drive ideation and product innovation, Merchandising Board to optimizes assortment planning and Buying Boards to enhance assortment presentation and maximize sales.

    Centric VIP Digital Boards
  • AI Image Search

    Find materials fast and eliminate the need to store, catalogue, search and maintain physical material samples. Centric’s artificial intelligence-enabled tool searches material images to immediately flag similar materials that have been used before, or suggest suppliers that provide a close match.

    Smart AI-Enabled Material Usage
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Centric PLM End-to-End Connectivity Quick Start and Agile Deployment Centric VIP Digital Boards Smart AI-Enabled Material Usage

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“We decided to go with Centric SMB because ease of implementation was front and center for us. We have a small team and didn’t have the time or bandwidth to dedicate resources to a year-long implementation. We needed a turnkey solution which we got up and running really quickly and got everybody on board quickly too.”

VP of Manufacturing and Supply Chain,

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