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BN3TH, the men’s underwear and apparel company is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Formerly known as MyPakage after their patented technology that provides the ultimate comfort in men’s underwear, BN3TH has a focus on sustainability, choosing environmentally-friendly materials and fabrics to make their products.

Nora Shaughnessy, Director of Product at BN3TH says that they were having to keep track of information in so many different locations that it caused errors if they happened to miss one of those places when changes were made. This became more of an issue as the company grew. “We probably had roughly a hundred spreadsheets going at any one time,” says Shaughnessy.

BN3TH selected Centric PLM to be the foundation of their digital transformation after an on-and-off five-year search. Some of the main reasons are the functionality and the fact that the SMB version fits their needs perfectly now but has the potential to grow with them in the future. Another compelling reason was BN3TH didn’t have the IT personnel to dedicate to customizing a PLM system or for troubleshooting; Centric’s out of the box configurability solves that issue.

After a lightning-fast three-week implementation, BN3TH is able to track their fabric and style product development. All product information is in one digital hub, accessible by those who need it. Errors have been reduced and sustainability goals are brought within reach due to tracking key environmental indicators and reduction of samples.

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Company Bio

RADICALLY BETTER UNDERWEAR. BN3TH is headquartered Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We set out to radically change how men think about underwear. No one performs at their best when they’re adjusting. Or shifting. Or sweaty.

Increased Comfort = Increased Performance

We were the first to create underwear with a three-dimensional pouch, and our patented MyPakage Pouch Technology™ remains the key to our uniquely supportive fit. We engineer underwear and base layers that keep you comfortable for full days on the mountain, on the water, in the gym or in the office.

Over time, we evolved as a company to begin championing a full range of apparel for any and every consumer, endeavour, occasion, climate and style. We work hard to minimize the environmental impact of our business and contribute to causes that help preserve our planet.


Men’s underwear, performance apparel



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