Thirdlove Shapes Their Future with Centric PLM™


Remote collaboration and deployment

78+ sizes for core styles

Accurate tech packs and grading


Bra company ThirdLove does everything differently because everyone is different. ThirdLove is navigating the challenges that come with having a focus on sizing inclusivity as a start-up in today’s complicated climate. They needed to put in formal processes in place and achieve greater accuracy in tech packs for complex products with 30+ components in an extremely wide range of sizes.

DTC company ThirdLove chose Centric SMB due to the ease and speed of implementation, the modularity, and the responsiveness and fashion expertise of the Centric team. ThirdLove is in the unique position of having millions of data points to inform their product development from their Fit Finder—an online tool that lets women order bras that fit better than anything they own, without even trying them on!

Centric Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is now making short work of product development complexity with huge reductions in errors, accessible, complete tech packs and supply chain collaboration. It is boosting efficiency in their remote-working situation, while setting the foundation for the future.

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Company bio

Headquartered in San Francisco, bra company ThirdLove was established in 2012 after co-founder Heidi Zak experienced frustration that not one of the bras she owned fit properly. So she set out to make her own bra. ThirdLove uses a Fit Finder which asks the right questions to give women a perfect fit in 60 seconds. ThirdLove pioneered the half-cup, with inclusive sizing, making an astounding 80 different sizes available for core styles.





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