Wolf Lingerie

Supporting Visibility and Agility with Centric PLM at Wolf Lingerie


STRONGER collaboration

FASTER time to market

AGILE reaction to market trends


With around 200 other styles developed each year, it became essential for Wolf Lingerie to improve its design and product development processes to remain competitive without compromising high standards. PLM would help better align processes and strengthen synergies between design and development teams in France and manufacturing teams in China.

Wolf Lingerie selected Centric PLM on the strength of positive references from existing customers, the system’s ease of use and the competence and experience of Centric Software’s consultants and developers.

Today, Wolf Lingerie uses Centric 8 PLM to track collections at a glance with confidence that teams have access to accurate, actionable information. Centric PLM has improved collaboration with supply chain partners and applied proven best practices to simplify internal and external processes. Centric’s innovative solutions match perfectly with Wolf Lingerie’s desire to innovate.

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Company Bio

Founded in 1947 in Strasbourg, Wolf Lingerie has evolved steadily from its family roots to its current status as one of the intimate apparel industry’s fastest-growing boutique brands. The group’s portfolio of strong, complementary brands includes Sans Complexe, which blends femininity and French embroidery with an understanding of the fuller figure, and contains the best-selling Arum line, which leads sales in the C+ bust sector in Wolf’s native France.





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