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Lessons in Lingerie: Meet the Underwear Brands with the Secret to Success


To thrive in today’s retail environment, a lingerie brand needs to juggle product design, quality control, communication and expansion. If your lingerie brand still relies on phone calls, emails and spreadsheets to collaborate and organize product development and sourcing information, it’s time for a change.

As lingerie brands continue to move into more and more sizes, the whole process will become more complicated and more expensive. Perfect fit will be just one of the many challenges of both making and selling lingerie, specifically bras that can have anywhere from 18 to 25 components. This is why the world’s most exciting and innovative lingerie brands are embracing cutting-edge technologies that transform their way of working and give them an edge over the competition.

What is product lifecycle management for lingerie brands?

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) enables a brand to manage product design and development in one place. It gives a lingerie brand more control over activities, speeds up time to market, enables collaboration and minimizes waste and duplication.

Why should a brand choose Centric Software?

Similarly to choosing the perfect lingerie brand that offers comfortable, yet sexy pieces, Centric offers market-leading PLM solution that is innovative, yet amazingly easy to use. Centric is the market leader in PLM for fashion and lingerie brands. Industry specific best practices are built into the software and its cloud-based, SaaS solutions means brands can get up and running quickly.

What benefits does Centric PLM give lingerie brands?

Centric PLM™ improves monitoring and management, giving lingerie brands more control over costs, time, quality and partners. Giving access to real time and accurate data, it makes collaboration and information-sharing easier, whether a team is local or around the globe.

Is Centric easy to use?

An intuitive system, Centric PLM helps lingerie brands move away from complicated Excel spreadsheets, data duplication and miscommunication. It’s user-friendly at every level and was built for fashion first and only. It is also completely scalable from 10 to 10,000 users with solutions for very large companies as well as solutions tailored for emerging brands.

Is Centric PLM suitable for every lingerie brand?

Yes! Whatever the size or aesthetic of your lingerie brand, Centric PLM provides simplicity, flexibility, usability and market expertise. Centric is cloud based with mobile apps for Apple and Android devices, so information is always available on the move.

Meet the lingerie brands getting the best out of their business

These leading lingerie brands have already switched to Centric PLM:

With a presence in 120 countries and revenue of 1.437 billion euros (2014), Triumph is a global manufacturer of lingerie, underwear, sleepwear and swimwear. Facing the challenge of increased competition in a tight market, efficiency is crucial to a brand with such vast and complex operations. They have implemented Centric PLM in design, development and sourcing of its Triumph and sloggi brands.

La Perla has over 215 boutiques worldwide and makes lingerie, nightwear, beachwear and accessories. The brand is undergoing an ambitious re-launch, including the renewal of its main IT systems. Helping the brand to blend tradition and innovation, Centric PLM will reduce time to market while preserving product quality, supporting La Perla’s overall strategy to drive growth and profitability.

Part of the Etam group, Undiz designs audacious and trend-setting French lingerie. A fast-growing brand, developing 1,500 designs in a single season, Undiz switched to Centric PLM to improve the efficiency of its product design and development, reducing its time to market.

Made for every woman, Wolf Lingerie produces beautiful, high-quality lingerie. Wolf wanted to align the processes of its brand portfolio, which includes the Sans Complexe line, and strengthen synergy between its French and Chinese teams. The company previously used Excel, but with Centric PLM it can track collections at a glance, access accurate and actionable information, and improve collaboration internally and with its supply chain partners.

With lingerie being more of a technical product due to huge amount of different sizes required to fully satisfy every customer out there, inventory management, above all, needs to be highly advanced.