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5 PLM Questions for Your Lingerie Business


How Top Lingerie Brands Boost Their Cheeky Bottom Line

The lingerie business is ultra-competitive and ever-changing. Brands that still rely on an ad hoc system of emails, phone calls and spreadsheets to communicate and collaborate find it hard to get products to market on time and keep up with trends.

The process of making lingerie is also getting more complicated and expensive, with a greater variety of sizes and products than ever. Bras typically have 18-25 discrete components (but can have up to 90 components!), and customers rightly expect that today’s garment technologies can deliver a perfect fit. With so many sizing options, fit, quality control, providing consumers product information and inventory management are major challenges.

How can Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solve the technical challenges of making and selling great lingerie, and how are the world’s most exciting and innovative lingerie brands using it to get an edge over the competition? Read on to find out.

How does PLM for Lingerie Brands Work?

PLM enables a brand to manage product design and development in one place. It gives a lingerie brand more control over everything from design to retail, speeds up time to market, facilitates collaboration and minimizes waste and duplication.

In the world of lingerie, millimeters matter; there is no room for error!

Why Should a Brand Choose Centric Software?

The perfect lingerie brand offers pieces that are both sexy and comfortable: likewise, Centric offers a market-leading PLM solution that is innovative, yet amazingly easy to use. Centric is the market leader in PLM for fashion and lingerie brands. Industry-specific best practices are built into the software and its cloud-based solutions, including a SaaS small to medium business option and industry first PLM connected mobile apps, help brands get up and running quickly.

What Benefits does Centric PLM Give Lingerie Brands?

Centric PLM™ improves monitoring and management, giving lingerie brands more control over costs, time, quality, vendors and partners. Our customers generally increase sales by5-10%, get to market 15-50% faster, reduce logistics costs by 10-15% and increase waste recovered by 20-40%.

Streamlining product development, better connecting different departments often located across the globe with more reliable, real-time data makes getting to market faster with more innovative products your competitive edge. Plus, it takes tedious data entry and chasing outdated spreadsheets off of your to-do list freeing you and your teams to unleash your creativity wherever and whenever inspiration strikes.

Is Centric Easy to Use?

An intuitive system, Centric PLM helps lingerie brands move away from complicated and tedious Excel spreadsheets, data duplication and miscommunication. It’s user-friendly at every level, for all of your teams and was built for fashion first. It is also completely scalable from 10 to 10,000 users with solutions for very large companies as well as emerging brands.

Centric PLM is a designer’s dream, allowing designers to work in their native environment. Centric PLM connects with the Adobe®Illustrator for easy management of style libraries which helps increase collaboration between design, merchandising and planning teams and makes BOM building easier and more efficient with everyone accessing the same information – at the same time.

Is Centric PLM suitable for Every Lingerie Brand?

Yes! Whatever the size or aesthetic of your lingerie brand, Centric PLM innovative digital solutions provide simplicity, flexibility, usability and market expertise. Centric is cloud-based with mobile apps, so information is always available on the move-plus it makes working more fun!

Meet the Lingerie Brands Enhancing Their Figures with Centric PLM

These leading lingerie brands have already switched to Centric PLM:

With a presence in 120 countries and revenue of 1.437 billion euros (2014), Triumph is a global manufacturer of lingerie, underwear, sleepwear and swimwear. Facing the challenge of increased competition in a tight market, efficiency is crucial to a brand with such vast and complex operations. Triumph has implemented Centric PLM in design, development and sourcing of its Triumph and sloggi brands.

La Perla has over 215 boutiques worldwide and makes lingerie, nightwear, beachwear and accessories. The brand is undergoing an ambitious re-launch, including the renewal of its main IT systems. Helping the brand to blend tradition and innovation, Centric PLM will reduce time to market while preserving product quality, supporting La Perla’s overall strategy to drive growth and profitability.

Your customers deserve products that make them look their best, feel good and act with confidence – and so does your business!