Marine Layer

Marine Layer Saves Time and Improves Data Management with Centric SMB


10 -15% time savings

174% more styles

TWO months to implement


With tech packs and BOMs in Excel sheets and information scattered across various documents and emails, Marine Layer needed a place to store shared information that people could access quickly and easily. In order to get everybody on the same page and maintain a history of products from past seasons, Marine Layer decided to invest in a PLM solution.

Marine Layer ultimately selected Centric SMB, a flexible, cloud-based system designed specifically for growing small to medium enterprises. The ability to give teams customized views of the same data depending on their needs, the configurability of the system and the ability to onboard new users quickly were the most important factors for Marine Layer.

After implementing Centric SMB in just two months, users at Marine Layer estimate that people experience 10-15% time savings on a daily basis. With Centric SMB in place, Marine Layer has increased its number of styles by 174% in just 18 months. Centric SMB is designed to scale as Marine Layer continues to grow, and is seen as an important foundation for managing the brand’s historical and current data.

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Company Bio

Marine Layer was founded in 2009 by two friends, Mike Natenshon and Adam Lynch. The San Francisco-based company began by making just one product: a super-soft shirt, made from a recycled beechwood fiber and cotton mix. Marine Layer now produces a large range of clothing and accessories for men, women and children, from button-down shirts to bathing suits.





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