PurCotton Implements Digital Transformation “Three-Step Strategy” with Centric PLM™


3 strategic objectives achieved

8 product knowledge basis built

1500+ system fields organized


PurCotton is a leader in the innovative research and development of cotton products across seven categories, including cleaning care, pregnancy care, feminine care, clothing and home and living.

What challenges was PurCotton facing without PLM?

  •  Decentralized system made it difficult to collaborate and aggregate data
  • R&D was based on previous experience rather than market demand, with relevant and up-to-date data often unavailable to aid decision-making
  • Input from product planning, design and R&D teams was needed to fully realize smart commodities management

“The PLM project is an upgrade and optimization of PurCotton’s textile business, enabling us to review the entire process of product research and development, as well as achieve five process reforms and data aggregation from eight product databases.” – Mr. Li Jianquan, General Manager of PurCotton.

How has Centric PLM helped?

  • Created cross-departmental product development management platform that supports multiple R&D models
  • Realized 3 strategic goals: data-based products, collaborative processes and visualized business
  • Teams are more focused on researching consumer demand and product innovation

Find out how PurCotton and Centric PLM are building a digital foundation for consumer-responsive innovation!

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Company Bio

Having inherited 30 years of expertise in the medical field from its parent company Winner Medical, PurCotton’s vision is to “Change the world with 100% cotton.” With an unwavering focus on cotton, the company is involved in the innovative research and development of three core SKUs, namely cotton tissue, wet tissue, and sanitary towel. These are spread across seven categories, including cleaning care, pregnancy care, feminine care, clothing, and home and living. Through its efforts, PurCotton has earned a good reputation in the fields of maternal and infant products and daily necessities, enabling consumers to enjoy a safe, happy, and sustainable all-cotton lifestyle.

In 2017, PurCotton opened its first 1000-sqm store in Suzhou, with e-commerce sales occupying the top spot among its competitors on platforms such as Tmall and JD.com. As of the end of June 2021, PurCotton has a total of 279 stores and nearly 30 million online and offline members have been registered.


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