Silver Jeans

Silver Jeans Co.™ finds perfect fit with Centric PLM


25% decrease in sample lead times

Doubled number of product lines

10% decrease in production lead times


Silver Jeans Co.™ was an e-commerce pioneer, opening its online store in 2003 and is a crucial pillar of the business today. By 2010, Silver Jeans Co.™ had outgrown its existing software solutions and ways of managing product development.

After thoroughly examining leading PLM vendors in the marketplace, Silver Jeans Co.™ settled on a relatively young contender at the time: Centric Software.

Today, Silver Jeans Co.™ team members across the world collaborate in Centric PLM, sharing real-time information in a centralized, cloud-based digital system. The business has cut sample lead times by 25%, doubled its number of product lines since 2010, and reduced production lead times by 10% since the latest version upgrade.

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Company Bio

Established in 1991, Silver Jeans Co. is the second oldest privately held denim producer in North America. With expertise in fit and unrivaled commitment to quality, every jean is crafted with integrity, authenticity and sustainability. Silver Jeans Co.™ products are sold at branded retail stores in Mall of America and Crossroads Mall in Minnesota as well as at independent retailers, major department stores and online.





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