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Transform your business with Centric Software

Discover how our seamless concept to replenishment solutions will solve your challenges with our expert resources.

Optimize every step of bringing a product to market

Streamline processes, reduce costs, maximize profitability and drive sustainability with a flexible and scalable digital foundation for growth.

Centric Concept to Replenishment Platform

Unique, seamless experience from pre-season to in-season and end of season.

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Centric PLM

Reduce costs and time to market. Improve collaboration to get products to market fast while improving sustainability with market-leading product lifecycle management.

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Centric Planning

Build and execute your Merchandise Financial Plan and develop assortments to boost margins, improve forecasting and optimize results with powerful, AI-driven retail planning.

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Centric Pricing & Inventory

Automate pricing decisions for all products across categories and channels and optimize allocation and replenishment to increase margins and decrease inventory.

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Centric Market Intelligence

Gain insights into competitor assortment and pricing strategies, understand consumer trends and buying behavior and spot market opportunities.

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Centric Visual Boards

Boost marketing, merchandising and design collaboration and optimize assortments with highly-visual and data-connected digital boards.

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Why Centric Software?

Connect people, systems and processes to drive go-to-market innovation and value creation.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Centric Software transforms the end-to-end concept to replenishment process.

Centric’s scalable, easy to use, AI-driven, best-of-breed solutions enable teams to plan, execute and price consumer-centric assortments that also meet sustainability and compliance goals.

Collaboration is easy and innovation, possible. Leaving you to focus on what you do best: bringing the products to market that your customers want.

Connect people, systems and processes to drive go-to-market innovation and value creation.

Reduce Costs

Source efficiently to cut COGS, benchmark pricing against competitors and align assortments with financial targets.

Speed Time to Market

Iterate products rapidly in-line with financial, marketing and legal requirements; quickly bring them to market.

Increase Efficiency

Eliminate time wasted searching for data in files and emails by streamlining workflows and facilitating seamless collaboration.

Reduce Inventories

Use demand-led AI-driven planning to cut waste and unsold inventory. Allocate accurately in-season to maximize sell-through at full price.

Success Stories

We power change for hundreds of global and local brands, retailers and manufacturers.

We are a key innovation partner for iconic and emerging brands across the world.

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