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Brands, retailers and manufacturers choose Centric to reduce time to market, improve collaboration and achieve revenue growth.

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What is Centric 8?

Everything you could ever want in a PLM solution — and more.


Intuitive, user friendly and completely web-based solutions. An easy-to-use, “single version of the truth” approach to line planning, global sourcing, calendar management, materials management, quality management, collection management, technical design and retail execution.

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It's Easy to implement

Agile Deployment SM

Innovative—even during implementation.

Centric’s Agile DeploymentSM is a unique PLM implementation methodology that delivers value in 3-4 months and sometimes sooner. Real value, really fast. That’s Centric 8 PLM.

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Mobile Apps

Close the gap between inspiration and the customer with the industry’s first—and most—patent-pending mobile apps for Centric 8 PLM.


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Seeing is believing

If your PLM software isn’t easy to use your teams won’t use it, so your company won’t reap the benefits. Give us 60 minutes and you’ll see why Centric comprehensive, out-of the box system is the easiest-to-use PLM software platform on the market.