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You’re in good company with Centric Solutions

The world’s leading companies and emerging brands trust Centric PLM solutions including Centric Fashion PLM, Centric Retail PLM, Centric Consumer Goods PLM and more.

Centric Software's digital transformation solutions empower companies to cut time to market, reduce costs and drive collaboration.

Who is Centric Software?

Market-driven, cutting edge innovations with the fastest time to value in the industry, Centric Software is the number one Product Lifecycle Management Solution (PLM) for retail, fashion, outdoor, footwear, luxury and consumer goods.

With the highest customer satisfaction and user adoption rates of all PLM solutions providers, Centric PLM improves efficiency, increases product innovation and drives new product introductions.

Let’s get acquainted

Centric Software's Innovations

Meet Centric’s market driven solutions that are fast to deploy, easy to use and designed to drive business growth.