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Balancing Technicality with Creativity in a Challenging Market

Lingerie and swim brands face big challenges in today’s world!

Agile millennial players are entering the market, retailers are evolving their intimates and swim assortments and as a result, product development cycles from concept to retail are getting shorter and more styles at more price points are being offered. Companies develop increasing numbers of products, driven by the need for inclusivity of different body shapes and sizes as well as geographic expansion, which brings challenges. Developing in region-specific sizes using localized languages, packaging, prices and currencies adds even more complexity to an otherwise already intricate process.

Making lingerie and swimwear require specialized skills, requiring extreme precision in specifications, measurements and the placing of laces and fabrics, making it particularly tricky to develop trend-right product assortments quickly while preserving product quality. How can lingerie and swim brands and retailers keep up?


Harness the Power of Centric Fashion PLM and Raise Your Competitive Game

Discover the real-world benefits Centric Fashion PLM brings to top lingerie brands, from faster and more dynamic product development to enhanced supplier collaboration to reduced costs and faster time to market.


5 PLM Questions for
Your Lingerie Business

How can Centric Fashion PLM solve the technical challenges of making and selling great lingerie, and how are the world’s leading lingerie brands using it to get an edge over the competition?

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Wolf Lingerie Find
Success with Centric PLM

This French lingerie brand uses Centric Fashion PLM to give teams access to accurate, actionable information, work with supply chain partners and apply proven best practices for faster time to market and agile trend reactions.

Discover how!

French Brand Undiz
Leverage PLM for Business Growth

With more and more designs being developed as the business grew rapidly, lingerie brand Undiz wanted a global dashboard to monitor all collections at a glance and speed up product development.

Centric Fashion PLM is the perfect fit!

Lessons in Lingerie

To thrive in today’s retail environment, lingerie brands need to juggle product design, quality control, communication and expansion.

Meet the brands that are successfully meeting these challenges!

PLM’s a Beach!

Developing great swimwear involves the complex technical and trend-right demands of lingerie, with the added challenge of using high-quality materials that work in water! How do swimwear brands use Centric Fashion PLM to make sure product development goes swimmingly and stay ahead of the competition?

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Swimwear businesses need to develop trend-right products while maintaining high product quality. Development cycles are squeezed, while market trends push brands to diversify.

Learn how Centric Fashion PLM helps swimwear brands race ahead!

Revolutionize the
Way You Work

Discover how Centric Fashion PLM helps intimates and swimwear brands improve collaboration, reduce errors and costs, speed time to market and streamline operations to drive business growth.

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