The leader in digital transformation and PLM solutions for fast moving consumer goods companies.

Consumer expectations are rapidly changing leading to deep shifts in how consumer products are developed and brought to market. Centric Software provides innovative and agile solutions to enable consumer goods companies to grow revenues by bringing innovative products to market quickly.


Optimize product management and fully leverage R&D and marketing investments.

Product lifecycles have become increasingly compressed as the number of new product introductions explodes. The profitability per product is lower than ever before while the cost of innovation remains high. Compliance and regulatory requirements evolve constantly. The market continues to become more and more global. Centric Solutions provides innovative and agile new ways of working to drive top line business growth and bottom line savings.

Enable growth
Boost revenues by maximizing resources, increasing productivity and improving collaboration while eliminating inefficiencies and errors in information and communications.
Accelerate time to market
Increase agility by improving team coordination and streamlining product development for a more fluid go- to-market process. Favor action over indecision and flexibility over rigidity.
Boost innovation
Augment new product introductions and fully maximize existing product performance via accurate, real-time information and improved collaboration resulting in increased agility.

What our CPG customers are saying

We’re now twelve months into adding direct-to-consumer online as one of our channels and Centric has been instrumental in helping us keep up the pace of development we need to do that.
Julianne Brickl, Vice President of Marketing and Merchandise Management at Uniek Read Our Success Story
We are product people first and foremost, and we wanted a solution to fit us—not the other way around. We are glad that the same technology road-tested by huge companies is now available to us.
Nadeem Mumal, COO at Modern Gourmet Food Read Our Success Story

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