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Uniek & Centric PLM Case Study

Webinar Image

Are you struggling to get products to market on time? Do your teams waste valuable time and energy chasing up-to-date information in spreadsheets and emails, rather than focusing on designing and making great products?

Centric Software PLM can help you get your head above the data madness! Hear Julianne Brickl, VP Marketing and Merchandise Management at Uniek explain how PLM helped her improve collaboration, reduce errors and costs, speed time to market and streamline operations to drive business growth.

Take just 1 hour out of your busy day to join this exclusive webinar  and hear a compelling real-life case study from our guest speaker:

  • Cut new product setup times from 1 week to 2 days
  • Increase product variety by 50% at the SKU level
  • Centralize all essential information in a single collaborative environment
  • Allow super-users to add new products with no IT intervention
  • Establish a new, direct-to-consumer online channel

Why wait? Reserve your place on the webinar to hear real-life results and find out more about the benefits of PLM!