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Delvaux Reduce Data Errors and Save Time with Centric PLM

Not being able to find basic information was a roadblock for leather goods brand Delvaux. Access to information and the concept of working simultaneously used to be very complicated until Centric PLM was implemented.

20% fewer data errors
5x faster to enter style data
2 days quicker to upload images

“One of the strongest benefits of working with Centric is that information is fluid between different devices and tools like an iPad, iPhone or different computers.” — Joan Fallière, Research and Development Director at Delvaux


  • Unable to find information
  • Mistakes made
  • Lack of accessible real-time data


  • Data errors decreased by 20%
  • Data entry time lowered from 5 days to 1 day
  • Image upload reduced by 2 days
  • Centralized information
  • Faster and efficient working

Building a Foundation

“Not being able to find basic information is a roadblock. You are sure to make mistakes. We needed to put this foundation in place to grow and progress the business and the brand.” Joan Fallière, Research and Development Director at Delvaux reflects on a time when finding information was complicated and a hindrance to growth plans. Fast forward to today and Delvaux teams now work quickly and reactively from one single platform.

What did their journey with PLM look like?

Rich in Heritage

Delvaux was founded in 1829 and is the oldest leather goods brand in the world which has continuously been in business. The brand is based on its heritage, its history and its roots in Belgium. “We’ve managed to keep our brand intact across the world wherever we have stores,” explains Fallière.

Seeking Coherent Data

Despite its success, behind the scenes teams at Delvaux were frustrated with tedious admin that was holding them back from their jobs. “When I arrived two and a half years ago, access to information, the idea of working simultaneously from synchronized, coherent, complete information was very complicated,” says Fallière. “The idea of having a database of information that was up-to-date, a database that was accessible to everyone in real-time, well it’s key to growing our business.”

Time for Centric PLM

Delvaux decided that a Product Lifecycle Solution (PLM) would be a highly valuable solution to the business and after reviewing the market, chose Centric PLM which offered fast, agile deployment. “We also need to be reactive and to do this we need a solution that is easy to learn and fast to get up and running,” adds Didier Devriendt, Hardware Product Developer at Delvaux. Aude-Marine Paepegaey, Junior Product Developer at Delvaux also explains why Centric PLM stood out amongst its competitors,

The advantage of Centric, especially when compared to other solutions, is the ease of use.

Fast and Efficient

With Centric PLM in place, Delvaux could gather all product related information from various spreadsheets and put them together in one digital, real-time hub that is accessible for all departments. “Centralized information really helps facilitate work, our energy, efficiency. It really pulls information together,” says Devriendt.

Lack of data consistency is a thing of the past and teams now enjoy working across a range of devices from the same data. “One of the strongest benefits of working with Centric is that information is fluid between different devices and tools like an iPad, iPhone or different computers. It is a very visual solution.”

Prepared for the Future

“Today, Delvaux enters into a world where excellence is revered, and we need tools like this in order to achieve this goal,” explains Fallière.

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