CamelBak Makes Even Better Products with Centric PLM


TWELVE weeks for implementation

2,000 SKUs managed in Centric PLM

MINUTES to tackle seasonal planning


CamelBak’s obsession with innovation and quality manifests in a constant drive to improve performance and introduce new products. This adds a huge amount of complexity to CamelBak’s product creation cycles. The company was experiencing critical bottlenecks in its product design and development processes, which were being managed in disconnected spreadsheets.

Although CamelBak had a legacy PLM system in place, user adoption was limited. CamelBak selected Centric PLM on the basis of its welcoming user experience, configurability and streamlined workflows, and implemented the solution in just 12 weeks.

Dramatically improving collaboration and bringing critical functions like line planning online has had an immediate impact on CamelBak’s speed to market with time-consuming tasks like seasonal planning now tackled in a matter of minutes. CamelBak has been able to automate much of its costing and take advantage of the heightened visibility and accountability provided by Centric PLM.

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Company Bio

Founded in 1989 by cycling enthusiast Michael Eidson, CamelBak is headquartered in Petaluma, California. CamelBak’s core products –wearable water packs –lead the market in outdoor hydration. Today those packs are joined by bottles, purification kits and other drinkware designed for cycling, ski and snow, running, mountain biking and a range of military and tactical applications.





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