Manifattura Valcismon Reaches Peak Performance with Centric PLM™

Manifattura Valcismon Reaches Peak Performance with Centric PLM™


Three global brands

Collaboration across teams

One single source of truth


With its brands Sportful, Castelli and Karpos, the Italian technical sportswear leader is empowered by Centric Software® PLM for digital workflows and business growth

Manifattura Valcismon’s growth in production volume and staff, plus development and manufacturing sites, made it crucial for the company to adopt advanced IT tools that could facilitate smooth collaboration across several countries, align teams across the development process and support its expansion strategies.

The company previously had information scattered in the ERP, in Excel, in technical spec sheets and in e-mails, and this situation was no longer sustainable for a company experiencing constant growth across several markets with multiple brands.

Therefore, the business needed a strong and reliable digital foundation to centralize and streamline product information, achieve transparency and improve communications. After testing software from different vendors and seeing several demos, Centric Outdoor PLM was the clear winner for the company.

“We were immediately impressed by the flexibility and ease of use of Centric PLM and realized it was the ideal solution to manage a business like ours,” said Manuela Zancanaro, Technical Manager at Manifattura Valcismon. “After the decision, we reviewed all the information we had to import into the system. Although we knew that Centric Outdoor PLM could cover the entire product life cycle, from concept to retail, we decided to prioritize the elements we needed most, such as company/personal data, materials, bills of materials and technical spec sheets.”

“From the start, all internal departments that were destined to work with the PLM system, including product and marketing, received vital support from the Centric Software team,” Manuela added. “Thanks to our close collaboration with Centric’s team of highly qualified experts who know our industry well, we were able to uncover valuable insights on how to transform operations in order to optimize our use of PLM.”

Following the implementation of Centric Outdoor PLM, product information is no longer fragmented; it is transparent, visually accessible and constantly updated. Having one single source of truth that all teams can refer to, anywhere, anytime, across all time zones, has streamlined collaboration within the organization and accelerated the entire product development process, resulting in a speedier time-to-market and improved capabilities to respond to market demand.

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Company bio

Run by the third generation of the Cremonese family, Manifattura Valcismon was created by Olindo Cremonese in 1946 in Fonzaso, near Belluno, Italy, as a wool spinning business. Later on, in the late Seventies, under the guidance of Giordano Cremonese, a sports fanatic and an expert cross-country skier, the company started to manufacture technical sportswear, launching the Sportful brand. In 2003, the acquisition of the Castelli brand was the first step towards success in the cycling business. In 2010, the creation of the Karpos brand marked the debut into the outdoor segment. In the same year, Steve Smith, a manager who had been a part of the company for some time, joined the pool of shareholders. In 2019, the family transferred a minority share of their stock to the private equity fund Equinox III.


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