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Modernize Order and Sample Management with Innovations from Centric Software


Sample management, tracking and logistics are often approached with trepidation – we’ve all heard the stories of mindless data entry and fruitless search functions; inefficient processes, lost samples and clunky system integrations.

Luckily, Centric Software has long offered game-changing functionality such as barcode scanning as part of their standard product packages to streamline, unify and accelerate sample management processes.

Read on to discover how to leverage the latest in sample management technology.

Simplify and streamline operations

Centric PLM™ offers a wide variety of functionality that enables businesses to track, organize and allocate material samples and orders, style orders and style purchase orders.

Barcode scanning, for example, is a fundamental part of Centric PLM™ which is easy to roll out, configurable (with manual or automated functionality) and works in parallel with other elements of Centric PLM, such as Digital Boards and Mobile SDK.

Step by step guide

Here’s two examples explaining how materials and samples can be managed within Centric PLM, ensuring product data is live and accurate, and minimizing data entry tasks that can cost valuable time:

1. Track Material Samples, Material Orders and Style Orders with Barcodes
  • Create barcode on the material sample / order creation / style sample
  • Scan the barcode upon material / style sample arrival to open it directly in Centric PLM for review
  • Accomplished by having the ‘received date’, storage location or any further info inserting automatically
2. Track Style Purchase Orders with Barcodes
  • Create a barcode within the style order creation
  • Scan the barcode upon style order arrival to open it up directly in Centric PLM
  • Accomplished by inserting any further info such as amount, colours, sizes etc

Looking forward

While some PLM providers offer basic, limited sample management functionality, we’re seeing a huge trend in businesses migrating over to Centric PLM to take advantage of our next-gen tools. So far, Centric has helped over 120 companies representing 550+ brands to replace their legacy system resulting in increased efficiency and higher productivity.

Centric Software harnesses industry expertise and customer feedback to drive the development of features such as sophisticated barcode scanning. These tools benefit a huge breadth of customers, from small family-run businesses to multinational retailers managing thousands of SKU variations.

With tangible results such as improved data accuracy and the ability to manage multiple SKUs and complex design and sample iterations, it’s no wonder that Centric is the #1 PLM provider!