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Top Five Reasons Why Outdoor Companies Should Choose Centric Software PLM


Centric Software is the leading Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution for fashion, retail, footwear, outdoor, luxury and consumer goods companies! With some of the most reputable and revered outdoor brands and companies in the world placing their trust in Centric PLM™, we look at the top five reasons why your outdoor company should choose this flexible and configurable solution when considering a new and transformational product development system.

1. Outdoor companies of all shapes and sizes and from numerous different industries may not necessarily have an interest in PLM, but they do all care greatly about and have a vested interest in their products and how those products perform. Centric Software PLM  is the optimum means to ensure that your outdoor company delivers high-quality and differentiated products to market in a timely manner. The new Centric Field Testing App also helps to expedite the process of bringing only the very best products to market by allowing for the capture of live prototype data in the field when testing products!

2. Centric Software PLM is the backbone technology that drives all product-related activities from initial concept to retail. This intuitive and out-of-the-box solution improves the entire product development process, from improving cross-team collaboration to reducing errors. The result is both streamlined operations and a more competitive product to drive business growth. This is particularly valuable in an outdoor industry where new product introductions and product performance are so vital to business success.

3. Centric Software PLM saves you money! Centric Software clients reduce their product development costs and increase sales and income. A rise in income of between 5-10%, reductions in stock of between 20-40% and 10-15% lower logistics costs can all be expected with Centric Software PLM. Selecting and implementing Centric Software PLM, you save more money and make more money, a powerful combination for any ambitious outdoor company.

4. There aren’t just quantitative benefits that go along with selecting Centric Software PLM, but also qualitative! Centric Software PLM clients report that they are much happier and less stressed in the workplace because Centric Software PLM allows them to focus more on their area of expertise, rather than spending valuable time on admin, rework and other non-value added tasks!

5. Implementation of Centric Software PLM is fast, from  a few short weeks for smaller outdoor companies to a few short months for larger companies! Best practices are built in so it’s merely a case of configuring preferences with no need for time-consuming programming and on top of that, a team of Centric Software experts will be on hand to help and educate throughout the implementation process.